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  1. Alright if ahve gone out hunting in my woods in Albany In for the pst two weeks, it is about 18 acres, on sunday i go out during the morning until about 10 and then get back into the woods at about 3 and leave at around dark. then on the weekdays i go out at about 4 and come in at dark. Well my set up is a 15 foot ladder stand, which is about 15 yards of a dryed up creekbed. the creekbed goes for about 60 yards to my left and 40 yards to my right. I can see to my left and right for the whole creek bed, but to my left there is a slight hill and on the other side is a millrace. To might right about 50 yards is the Missiseniwa River. i have a 15 yard shot to the middle of the creek on both my left and right. Pretty nice, well there are two trails to my left that are about 20 yards apart from eachother that enter and exit the creek bed. To my right there is a trail that is about 15 yards from my stand and enters and exits the creek. The creek is filled with doe and buck tracks. I mean they are all over the creekbed. some go follow the same trail in and out of the creek, and some enter the creek on my right side and head west in the creek bed and exit at a trail to my left. I think this is a very good set-up, but i have YET TO SEE A DEER. I think it might be a night trail and i need to figure out a way to get them to use it during the day.

    So please tell me what i am doing wrong and what i can do to help see deer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bowdown:
  2. Are you sitting in the same stand all the time? What kind of wind do you have? Are you prepping before you go out? Sounds like your mixing up your mornings and evenings, that's good. I'd say make sure that you're down wind of the trails where you expect to see deer, and don't over use one location...if setting up another stand isn't an option, try to create a ground blind...but Hunt The Wind!
    Sounds to me like you should be seeing deer.

  3. try other options

    Quail Dancer is right you need to try other stand options. If its a night trail or not it sounds like you should be seeing deer. Don't make it so obvious to the deer that youre there by sitting in the same stand. When the rut fully kicks in you'll see them you just need to make sure they dont notice you. Remember to always use cover scent no matter the direction of the wind.
  4. It sounds like you have a killer set up but it sounds like u are hunting it too hard. When you are bowhunting it is critical that you watch the direction of the wind. Is the creek drainage near a bean/cornfield, or any natural foods such as white oaks, persimmons, or honey suckle. Hunting food sources is the key to harvesting deer. Pay attention in which direction the tracks are pointing, are they crossing the creek drainage, or are they just using the creek drainage as a travel route. If i were you i would key in on the food sources that are in your area, and from there see how the deer are using the creek drainage in relation to the food sources. And like what Quail said hunt DOWNWIND of them trails. Happy hunting. ;) ;)