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Boys- the ice is coming!

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by goggleye57, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. What Quail said....the Ice fisherman are getting awful antsy at Gander. They are starting to look at me like it's my fault or something.
  2. Ship the ice auger to me JL...even though it's 60 degrees down here, it's bound to get cold someday.
  3. I've been dying everytime I look out the window at the lake! Hurry up Mother Nature! Tomorrow isn't soon enough!
  4. Santa must know something he left me a Shappell S4000, and a Mr Buddy Heater under my tree....

    and YES, I set it up and sat in it already.... My neighbor thought it was a portable green house and wants one of the first tomatoes in February...:dizzy: sure thing Mr. Skiens you'll get one of the first ones....

    come on cold weather!

    Have shanty will travel...
  5. probably a high of 60 on the 18th too
  6. Accuweathe must have a spy in Whitley Co. that saw Scott doing his ice dance.
  7. Do you really think predictions past, ohhh say today are very accurate? Want a good laugh watch Greg Shoup's forecast. Back when there were 3 weather forecasts 15 & 21 would be real close and then Shoup would come in with his extremes. The other two would say low of 20, he would have 10. In summer they would have 82 as a high and he would have 90. I like watching his forecast now and then watch Sandy Thompson tone it down when its her turn to be on.
  8. All this begging of ice....YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!!! :coco:
  9. I can't believe it's taking this long. Indiana isn't exactly the arctic region- but still!

  10. Global Warming? Right tmarsh??? :cwm27:

  11. It's gotta be, I have rethought my stance. The world is ending. I'm calling Al Gore right now, and I am swearing my allegiance to the club of slowly warming sheep that he is herding. I relinquish my individual thoughts and observations, such as our recently mild summer, and the first time we have a warm spell, which I guess would be now, I am crying wolf and the sky is falling. :coco:

    Tree, what kind of trucks do you think the Neanderthals drove to melt the glaciers?

    Were they 4x4s or SUV for the neanderthal family on the go?

    They invented the wheel, fire, and used tools, but I'll be darned if they could come up with the cattalitic converter...:evilsmile

    Wait...they came up with think they just built realy big fires to melt the giant ice cubes in search of a nice beach on Lake Wawasee?