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Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by xstreambuckmaster, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. What The Best Macanical Broadheads Or Normal Broadheads .. Why I Ask Is Im Thinking If We Shoot And Practice At Home Or At 3d Shoots We Use Practice Tips.. So With Macanicals We Be Shooting More Like A Practice Tip .. Right Or Wrong .. ?
  2. Grim Reaper

    The Mechanical That I Prefer Is The Grim Reaper, It Has Never Let Me Down. Every Deer That I Have Shot Has Not Gone Farther Than Forty Yards, Most Much Less. I Am Sure That You Will Get A Hundred Different Brands As A Prefrence, And In General , Most Of Todays Manufacturers Produce A Quality Product, And At $10.00 Each, They Better. If You Bow Is Well Tuned, You Sould Be Able To Shoot Most Any Field Point/broadhead Combination.

  3. Just like the number of hunters here, our thoughts on the subject will vary.
    It's a hot button issue with me, I've has such POOR results using the machanical broadheads. Troubles such as poor penitration, poor flight, heads not opening when they should and opening when they shouldn't.

    What works for me is keeping it simple, that ment going to fixed blades for me. Yes, fixed blades could be a pain on 3D targets, but work great on the block type targets.

    Which ever way you go, I use target tips of the same grain weight to get my sights adjusted as close as I feel I'm capable of, then switch to a practice set of the blades I'll hunt with for normal practice sessions, and double checking sights before season. Always hunt with what you practice with, but I keep practice heads and shafts for practice only, and a duplicate set to take to the woods!
  4. From my own experiences and end results on game the best broadhead in my opinion is the Muzzy 3 blade (fixed) 100 grain. They leave a hole that is unbelievable.

  5. Muzzy 125 grain 3 blade, 5 deer would disagree this year though !:evil: They punch one heck of a hole and good blood trails , furthest a deer went this year was around 60 yards, got to see 3 of them go down from my tree stand, which makes tracking a heck of a lot easier
  6. I have hunted with.....

    130 gr. 3 blade Wasps (years ago) kills

    125 gr. 3 blade Thunderheads...good head, a couple of kills

    100 gr. 3 blade Muzzys...great head, several kills

    100 gr. Rocky Mountain Gator kill but I recommend against it

    100 gr. Rocket Aerohead kill, good head

    100 gr. Grim Reaper kill, one wound, but great head

    I'm thinking about trying Muzzy 100 gr. 4 blades. I've read that they fly a little truer than the 3 blade version. If I can find them cheap I will try them, if not I'll stick with the Grim Reapers.
  7. muzzy 100 here to they have pratice blades :bowdown: :bowdown: i love them would not go back to macanicals ,i did used rocket 100 ,and vortec 100 both where good flyers but penatration was the poor ,
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  8. I have used quite a variety of broadheads myself. I used to shoot Vortecs, and though some of the wounds these broadheads caused were massive, I lost a few deer to them as well. I got away from the mechanical heads after marginal success with them. I loved my arrow flight, but I can get arrow flight that is equally as good now because I know how to tune a bow (I didn't back then). Most people try mechanical for the same reasons, but tuning a bow is relatively simple, and I think arrow flight is the only redeeming quality of mechanical heads. With that being said, as far as fixed blade heads are concerned, I've tried Razorbacks, Thunderheads, Muzzys, Rocky Mtn., and Satellite Titans. The Titans are by far my favorite. I love a cut-to-tip broadhead. The main blade of a Titan is sometimes a little sloppy in the ferrule groove, which is a problem. I'm thinking of trying Phantoms. Has anyone shot this head, and if so, what do you think of them?
  9. Come on JL...get on board...go with the Muzzy's...that's all you need.

    treehugger :bouncy:
  10. I use Muzzy 3 blade 100 gr.
  11. I have hunted with 4 blade razorbacks for years with very good results. This year I am going to try the NAP Scorpions just to see if all the hype about
    expandable broadheads is justified. I'll let you know.
  12. muzzy 3-blade 125 grain

    I shoot muzzy 125grain 3 blade on beman ics400 hunter carbon arrows. Shot at probably 275fps, I've shot a buck head on in the neck at 15 yards and had one travel the length of the 170lb dressed dear and almost come out it's back side. Also took a quartering away 30 yd shot on same size buck had the broadhead once again travel almost the whole length of the deer and brake it's front shoulder where the broadhead was found lodged. There is no substitute for muzzy. Yeah, there a huge corp. and what not, but they make an awesome broadhead.

  13. I make my own. They're the shizznizzle!!!! I call them the shiznizzle 100.

    Just Awesome!!!!:bonk:
  14. The dw shizznizzle

    I actually test shot the Dean Weimer shizznizzle arrow and broadhead this year on a yearling doe. I had heard claims of 500fps and such but the arrow just bounced off of her and wouldn't even stick in the ground.