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Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by buck_hunter21, May 27, 2007.

  1. I was just wondering what everyone on here thought was the best broadhead to use when hunting whitetails. I talked to some guys I know and they recommended the Slick Trick broadhead. But wanted to get everyones input.
  2. 75 gr steelforce great results and 85gr montec
    i like 100gr snuffer by magnus used in past they are the strongest i think i have ever used but i i have now went to a lighter broadhead

  3. 100gr. Muzzy, Steelforce sabretooth, Zwickey eskimo's, are all a soild blade. Slick tricks are sweet!;) I prefer the Zwickey's, but are hard to find...... Muzzy's shoot well. Steelforce tear up pretty easy if you hit bone. I've went through 6 of 'em and quit buying them. The main blade gets destroyed almost everytime. Unless you get a perfect pass through!
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  4. I have been told that the Steelforce and the Montecs are the best. I was told they shoot better when the bow is out of tune, even better than the Slick Tricks. I'm going to try the montecs this year.
  5. i have used muzzy 115's,thunderhead 125's in the past never had one break,very easy blood trails to follow. the past 6 years been using rocky mt snyper 100's excellent head never had any penetretion problems with the 6 deer taken with them
  6. 100 Grain Muzzy 3-Blades are the truth. I'm gonna try the Montec's this year too.
  7. You have some good advice there, go with the Slick Tricks!
  8. Try the zwickeys. You can find them at great heads. There is also the wensel woodsman which competes in penetration with the zwickey but the 3 blade head leaves wholes that dont tend to stop bleeding. Both heads are very very impressive I have hunted with both from my recurve. You wont be dissappointed with either of them
  9. There are so many good broadheads out there. Just go with one that flies true from your rig and is RAZOR sharp.

    I've had a lot of luck with Steelforce, but last fall I fell in love with Slick Tricks. Slicks will be the ONLY head in my quiver this fall.:coolgleam
  10. Slick Tricks

    :coolgleam ​
  11. I just bought some Tekken II from G5. They are absolutely soon as the Doc clears me to shoot again i'll let you guys know how they fly.
  12. broadheads?

    I have tried alot of different kinds, from fixed to mechanical. Mind you, that I am no expert, just an average joe who wants to make a clean and effective shot. I found that fixed work best for me so I have been using the G5 montec since they came out. Last year though I shot and missed a deer and my arrow went into the dirt. When I pulled it out, after the hunt, I found the ferrule was all bent over like it hit a rock, but it had only hit dirt. So I switched back to the time proven and easy to adjust muzzy 3-blade. Once you have tunned your broadhead in they are so easy to replace blades and tips, if needed, without major retunning.
  13. They fly like field tips. I shot them two years ago. Shot a coyote...he went 40 yards. Shot a doe (spine high hit) dropped her where she stood. They are very tough broadheads. I couldn't beleive that the broadhead didn't bend after the spine shot. My only complaint is that they come open when you put them in your quiver. You might want to opt for the larger cutting blades.
  14. I wondered about that, but my quiver is open on the bottom. I mean there isn't a close fitting area for each broad head, its just an open space that they all fit into so that shouldn't be a concern for me. Glad to hear they fly well though. I'm gonna give those a try this year but I'm gonna keep some Montec's on hand too.