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Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Brodrfshrmn, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Hi all you avid fishermen & women here.
    I love nearly all types of fresh water fishing, & today I am hoping to find out some information about smelt fishing in Indiana, where to, legal methods, limits, etc. specially where & when they run, spawn.
    Thx for any help you may give.
    Tight Lines.:fish2:
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  2. ccavacini

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    Welcome to the site...I'm sure you'll have all your questions answered.


  3. Finally. PLM. People like me.

    Glad to have you aboard Brodrfshrmn. Looking forward to some good fishing discussion.

  4. There used to be smelt fishing in Oliver Lake just south of Lagrange. I'd bet they are still there but I haven't heard anything about them for several years. There is a good public access there but I don't know if they are out on the main lake, Its one of the last to freeze. If you go out of the access there is a bay on your right - thats where they used to fish. Lots of trout in that Lake and the whole chain its part of. I think they just use bluegill gear, I don't think there is any limit. They also net them some up around Lake Michigan but someone else will have to tell us about them :)
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  5. Welcome to the site, I think the most productive smelting in Indiana is up around Portage, in the Lake Michigan tributaries. Not real sure on the methods used though.
    Good Luck out there!

  6. Wlcome to the site, lots of good info here. But we also like to read good info too.