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Brookville 04/27

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by bestshot, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. The wife and I drove down to Brookville lake today. I wanted to check the ramps, and see how clear the water was. While there, we hunted the woods around Hanna Creek ramp. Found about 200 gray mushrooms. All were within about a 50 foot circle. Started to rain so we had to leave.
    Any way, they were at Brookville. They are in my stomach now ;)
  2. Wow - great find! You didn't save any for me???;)

  3. How was the water at Brookville? High and muddy?
  4. the water from quakertown to around the fairfield flat area was muddy, then it started to get a lot more clear. The creeks were dumping in muddy water that looked like pure mud. I bet by friday night, most of the lake will be muddy.

    All the ramps were in good shape except for the Gar-hill ramp. I would be afraid to launch there with a long shaft motor. The water I looked at on the south end, I could see about 2' down. The water is not high. Its still about 1 or 2' below summer pool.

    Went out looking for mushrooms with my sister today. (New Castle area) I found around 50, all very small. Sis found around 200 or more. I'm probably one of the worst mushroom hunters in Indiana. The diabetes sure don't help the vision.
    When we got home, she gave me all of hers :) Now that's what I B talkin bout :)
  5. Thanks for the update on water conditions, Bestshot. It's a long drive from Greenfield to find out the lake's muddy. I'm waiting for clear water, warm evenings, stripers, walleyes and sandies. Guess I'll have to settle for wipers on Monroe for now. I appreciate the info.

    Keep Your Tip Top Up!

  6. I might be going to Brookville tomorrow morning, if its not raining. Weather reports say the wind is only going to be 5 mph so, I might be able to fish some water that's not totally muddy.

    I'll post a report if I go.

    The guy I fished Erie with lives in Shelbyville. I drive through Greenfield all the time. Thats a nice clean town I think. Much better than Muncie anyway.

    BTW, the Dayton Daily News website reported that Crappie USA had a tourney on Monroe last saturday. First place had 7 fish 13.92. Thats almost a 2 lb average.
    You can read about it here but, you got to join first. Its also got some great Erie Walleye stuff.

    Have a great day.
  7. That's funny. We probably cross one another on the road often. I live in Anderson and my office is in Greenfield. And you are right, it is a clean small town. In fact, that was the first thing that attracted me to the area. Don't know why I continue to live in Anderson. Too lazy to move, I suppose.

    Good luck on B'ville. Today is Friday and I think I am headed for Monroe, but the weather will play a part in the decision-making process and the day proceeds. Brought the boat to the office with me, so as soon as the help shows up, I'm out of here. I'll check out the newspaper clipping.

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  8. I got to Brookville at 5:00 am today. After I got my boat ready to launch, I started my Van to dive down the ramp, and the starter would not stop. By the time I got the battery cable off, the starter burned up.
    Had to sit and wait till 8:00 am for the auto parts store to open, then wait for the wife to drive 1.5 hours to bring me the tools and starter. Was a little past 10:00 am before I even got on the water.

    The water was not near as muddy as I thought it would be. From the fairfield ramp and south was not to bad at all. I didn't get a bite but, saw an old guy catch a 29" walleye. He used my tape to measure it, then he released it :)

    All and all, it was a very bad day for me. Talked to about 10 different boaters at the ramp. The ones that fished the north end, did awful. Ones that fished south of the causeway, done much better.