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Brookville 5/11/05

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by bestshot, May 12, 2005.

  1. Hit the water at 4:00 am. Fished till 10:00 am. The water looked like a piece of glass (no wind) until around 8:00 am. Then a gentle 3 or 4 mph wind blew in.
    Before the wind came, all I was catchin' were channel cats. Probably caught 20 good eatin' size 14" to 16".
    Once a little chop was on the water, I got 4 keeper walleye from 16" to 18". All caught on a jig tipped with 1/2 crawler. Tried lindy rig but could not hook any. They wanted the jig dragged slowly across the bottom, in 3' to 8' of water.
    The water clarity was clear as it usually is by mid summer. Temp at Quakertown area was 58 and around the fairfield flat was 61 degrees.

    The west bank shore line was a mess. The shad were spawning. I never seen so many huge shad in my life. I saw some that were at least 12" long. any place with fallen timber, the water looked black because of the millions of shad spawning.

    From the fairfield causeway, to the fairfield ramp, I seen more deer than I have ever seen in one day. Must have seen 30 or more. Also got to see my first wild turkey. He walked down to the shore line at day break. That was so cool. He was sure vocal too. I also heard several other turkeys just beyond the shore line brush. It was a great morning for watching the critters that live i that area.
  2. Thanks for the report. I'm planning to head that way tomorrow, if I talk myself out of going to Missisinewa. It is good to know the water's clear, and with what little rain we've had I am sure it will stay that way. Again, appreciate the report. Sounds like you had a good day. When I was over there in April I saw about nine turkey on the east shore and one was an albino. That seemed incredible to me, since I don't pay a lot of attention to turkey, but when I mentioned it to a few hunter friends of mine, they just shrugged like they see them all the time.

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  3. I trolled some cranks for a while but, it seems that its a bit early for them at that lake but, I will keep trying every time I go because, once the crankbaits start working, the bite can be very fast action.

    Have a great trip. I might be going there again tomorrow if, its not to windy.
  4. Bestshot,

    Hope this catches you before the end of your day. Had a question: did you see any white bass at Brookville? Any surface stirrings yet?

    I appreciate your input.

  5. No, I didn't but, I never fished the south end. I did see a lot of shad busting the surface though. I'm guessing that the white bass or striper were chasing them, because lot of the time it would be one shad at a time and they would skip across the surface real fast.
  6. Excellent! Sounds like things are picking up there with the warmer waters. I look forward to fishing it. Thanks for the info. Hope you have a great day on the water.

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  7. Fished for whites on Brookville 5/20/2005 in late afternoon and evening. Used white curly tail grubs (about 2 inchers) on 1/8th oz. white jigheads. Limited (12 fish) within about 2 hours. Kept twelve and my partner and I probably caught about 50 in the Garr Hill inlet. Some fat and some slim. They are not schooling up yet, so the fishing is catch-as-catch-can. Stayed on the lake until 10 p.m. Also got a few cats. Great day! Good weather and lots of fish. Water temp was about 57-59 degrees and clear to about 4 feet or better.

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