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brookville area gobblers

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Anyone hearing any gobblers yet?Been wanting to scout but would like to know if you can hear'm before I drive down........
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I was down around the lake this weekend and didnt hear any gobbling yet. The birds on the government ground are all college graduates by now, people going down there and calling to them from about feb. all the way through season. The birds are really getting smart and becoming less and less vocal every year. There's a bunch of birds there and more people starting to hunt them there. But I haven't heard any around there yet.
Thanks fowlhunter,I sent you a PM,let me know if you got it!:cool:
I don't know if it' just my area or what, but I saw 18 birds in a field the other morning around 8 am. I could have swore I saw a tom in strut. Haven't heard any gobbling yet though.
I seen a flock this morning with about the same amount and there was 3 toms in full strut. I did hear 3 different birds gobble.
I was fishing at the mouth of the Garr Hill/Templeton drainage 4/8/5 and a flock of about nine turkey wandered down the the edge of the lake to drink. One of the birds was an albino. Nice birds. I saw one fly across the lake, east to west, head stretched as far as that neck would allow. He made it across, too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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