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Brookville, Indiana

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Slowretrieve, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Brookville, Indiana 1/1/5

    I didn't get the boat out but I did go fishing at Brookville 1/1/5. There was no ice on the lake near the dam and the ramp was open. The water was still and there was a thick fog everywhere. I could hear boats on the water moving slowly but could not see them until they nearly hit shore. Mostly, I was looking for lost lures. Found three. Made maybe twenty casts but nothing took. Tried the tailwaters. Not used to fishing fast water. Caught one of something about 13 inches long on a small silver in-line spinner. It jumped twice before spitting out my lure. Looked like a trout. The lake was up about 1 1/2 feet due to melting snow but the spillway is fully open the water if pouring out nearly as fast as it is filling in.

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  2. How about Walleyes?

    They should be hitting over there?

    Is there enough ice to get out on anywhere?

  3. Sorry, Jack, but I did not see any ice on the lake. It looked like it did in early December. Might be too far south for solid ice. All the walleye in Indiana come from breeding stock in Brookville, so we know they are in there, but I would doubt that ice fishing is a possibility. I do not recall seeing that lake frozen in past years. Does it freeze regularly?
  4. Brookville

    I was there Sunday. No ice. Water temp was 42-44 (surface). We were striper fishing. Not many boats were out. We missed a few but never did get to boat one. I did see guys walking the banks, I presume looking for lures.
  5. Steve

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    Thanks for the report.