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Brookville Lake In Indiana (Turkeys)

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Dexter Johnson, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. New to the area. I would appreciate any advice. Have one question? Non Toxic Shot or Lead at the lake?
  2. I will give you all the information I can. A week or so before season go down into your spot or area that you may find via topo maps. I have camped at Brookville 3 years opening day for 3 days except last year and the year before. There are turkey absolutley everywhere in Brookville so no area is a bad area. Scouting is so important. We actually found our primary spot while driving around opening day and saw a hen cross the road into the area we ended up hunting. Quackertown is a good spot really they are all good spots. You will see birds and turkey sign everywhere but the calling needs to be soft and not loud as to spook them. In the morning no matter where they are they all work their way to the water and then stick tight around the water sometimes into fields the area around the golf course is a good spot, the area of the island is a good spot around the camp ground up on the ridges is good spot that is the state park campground on the far east side by the DNR house. I would have been there last year but killed my bird 5 mins from my house in the first hour. The year before I went on a guided hunt. You will get close and dont get discourged just keep driving walking looking it will be tiring and mushroom hunters will push them around so just get out early and listen they hammer the week before season and usually opening weekend pretty good then can go quite.