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Brown County Deer Hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by broomhandle, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. I just acquired 80 acres of timber betwwen the National Forest and Brown County State park. What kind of deer, turkey and squirrel hunting is typical of this area ? If I would put a 15-20 acre lake in the center of the property, would it be worth the effort for duck hunting ?
    I suspect most of my problem will be keeping other hunters off the property that don't have permission.
  2. Well, from what I've heard you're getting the best of the best of the best turkey and deer hunting you could ask for. Not sure about the ducks. Need anyone to come down there and help you keep the deer and turkey population managed on you're new property?

  3. by the way, I guarantee the biggest problem you'll have is trespassing.
  4. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    I hunt about 1500 acres in Brown County, tresspassers are bad down there. We have come up with some creative tactics to keep tresspassers out. 4X8 sheets of plywood with a couple hundred nails driven through it covered in leaves makes for a poor ATV trail. Getting back to your vehicle and having four flat tires is a shame. Bottom line play you pay. Creative signs like " You are being watched" and "Tresspassers will be shot, those who survive will be detained and shot again" work pretty good.
  5. New property


    The previous post is completely accurate. You will have a tremendous trespassing problem in that area. Let me know if I can help you.

  6. Dave,
    At 70 years old I can hardly police the place with any consistentcy, not to mention not wanting to argue with an armed trespasser.
    Any help in addition to the above suggestions would be welcome.
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    It would be interesting to know if you had any grouse on the area....what kind of timber?

    Sounds like a great place.
  8. Mostly Oak and Hickory with the usual other lesser varieties.

    Last week I tried to jump a creek (like when I was 40) and slipped on the opposite bank, stepped backwards and immediately fell sideways into the stream. Fortunately, it was shallow and I came through unscathed. You really need to be in shape to do much walking in this area.
  9. I would recommend you pay to have a boundary retracement survey on the property so you can post it and protect your trees around your property line. Probably too late to do it this year because of the leaves coming on. A few firms will survey there in the winter.
  10. My family has a little over 200 acres south of Martinsville with a 30 acre lake on it, and there are all kinds of ducks and geese on it. If you want to hunt ducks or geese, I think it would be well worth it to put a lake on it. Plus there are deer and turkey everywhere. I don't think you,ll have a problem with that.
  11. Buy a 4 wheeler and mount a 50 cal on it to detour those people who think they can go anywhere they want. And keep a local game warden on speed dial after the first 10 get arrested maybe they'll spread the word.
  12. Ever consider the wildlife that uses these same trails?:coco:
  13. I am a Brown County resident and I would consider this county to be one of the best areas in the state to hunt turkey and deer. I live near the National Forest and State park. I see deer and turkey on a daily basis. In fact, there are many nights where the deer are grazing in my front yard. If you love to hunt Brown County is a good place to be.
  14. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    Yes I have. This tactic was used while my hunting partner was on stand. The same guy drove his atv under his stand TWICE in three days. He did not leave it there overnight. Sure enough the day he put it out, the same moron came zipping through. He has not been back.