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Buck Grunt With A Doe?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Tine Lock, Dec 29, 2006.

  1. Last night I went out trying to get another doe. I had been in the stand for about 2 hours and hadn't seen anything when I got the jitters and wanted to do somthing to stir it up, but I had nothing. I wasn't planning on doing anything so all I had with me was a buck grunt, not a doe grunt. I wondered what a doe's reaction would be to it. Would she be intimidated, or would it intrigue her interest? I was wondering what you guys think about this. Also do you think their reactions to it would change during the rut?
  2. Also I wonder what you guys would use this time of year, or do you just sit with no tactics?

  3. i haven't really grunted in a doe before, for does i have had success with the fawn distress and just the common doe bleat. This time of the year i usually just sit with no tactics.
  4. Tine Lock....last year in late archery season there were 2 does trotting across a cut corn field towards my side of the field but no where near shooting distance. I was approx. 50 yards inside the woods off the field. As they approached the field edge I hit the grunt tube and they entered the woods approx. 75 yds. in front of me. I hit the grunt call again and they came right towards me and I was able to shoot one of them in the neck. She went about 50 yds. and called it quits. Sometimes I think you have to try whatever tools you have at this time of the year. The can call has called in many more does for me than bucks. Give it a try this time of year too. Good Luck!
  5. Treehugger are u talkin about the can made by primos?
  6. Ya I believe he is. I bought one before the season was over, but I didn't even think to try it out now.
  7. Yes, the Primos Can Call.
  8. Sometimes any type of deer activity can spur interest from either sex. I've seen does come in on a buck grunt before. This time of year a fawn distress call works great...... however you sometimes get a shot at an unsuspecting coyote.
  9. Had an old doe come into a scrape on a ridge grunting with a smaller doe behind her, last year, late afternoon in late October. She worked the scrape and stood up and worked the branch. Man, I wish I would have killed her at 15yd., but I was waiting on the buck that was with her, not. One of the coolest things I have seen deer hunting.
  10. what are the regs as far as shooting 'yotes are concerned? If i'm out with my pointy stick and I see one am I allowed to "put it down" haha?? do I need a yote liscence??
  11. Just a hunting license as far as I know for the yote's. Nuisance animals here...... keep on killin my pheasants, so I'll drop 'em any chance I get.
  12. The can works better for does than bucks in my experiences. Grunts are made by both sexes...I'm guessin' that practically any call can work because deer are curious critters. Grunt away Tine Lock; experiment with different stuff out's the best way to learn.
  13. I saw some does cross a swap about 50 yards away from my stand tonight going away from me, so as soon as they were out of sight I tried the Can. About 4 min. later to my disbelief the does came back! I could tell that they were a little skiddish about hearing the call, but they were definitely curious so they passed at a safe distance about 40 yards out. They filled past one by one and there ended up to be 12 does. I decided early season that the farthest shot I would take this year would be only be 30 yards so I didn't shoot. I was glad to gather more experience though and find out that the Can can work this time of year. Thanks for the info. guys and keep it coming if you have more to offer.