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Buck Lure & Stuff

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Beagleman_Dan, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. Anyone use buck lure or scent killing techniques?

    My clothes are in a basket with some leaves and twigs and stuff. I make sure I bathe each day, and do use a cover scent like natural vanilla, or my favorite, an apple scent. However, I like using a few drops of "Doe in Heat" or "Tinks" too. Typically I'll place a few drops in the spot I would expect the buck to come through, and hope that maybe he will stop, or at least have his mind on something other than me, who is sitting off in a distance.

    How about you?
    -Dan- ;)
  2. To help reduce scent, i normally wash my clothes in baking soda. Thats also what i will bathe in. As for buck lures, usually the only thing i use is the "active scrape" and i only use it with a scrape dripper. Of all the scents and stuff that are out there, then only thing that i personally have witnessed actually bring in a deer was the dripper. Several times i have had deer come directly to my mock scrape and put their noses directly in the air sniffing the dripper. I have used tinks and a lot of the others in the scent canisters with no luck.

  3. all my scents come from Hoosier Trapper Supply, Inc. at 1155N. Mathews road Greenwood, In 46134

    i use the doe urin as a cover up around my stand and on nearby trees. then on my clothing i use the H.S scents sent-a-way plus fresh earth human scent neutralizer.
    when the rut is on i put out some BF- rut from buckfraver.
  4. Dan,

    In my opinion, the clothes in a basket with natural elements (twigs, leaves, etc) is a great call...I do the same thing. I've read on other posts/sites about the H.S. scent wafers work well also.

    I'd be careful on what cover scents you use...if you're using vanilla or apple scents in an area where those items aren't available to the deer, it will be a foreign smell to them and put them on alert more than covering your scent.

    I'd stick with something simple like a bit of coon urine....or if you hunt near cattle fields like I do, step in a pile of somewhat dried manure....that will mask your scent, and the deer will be familiar with that smell.

    As far as the lures go, I'd stick with the "less is more" philosophy. I figure if the deer don't usually smell it in their natural environment...I don't want to put it there!

    Good Luck
  5. Scent

    The first couple of days most of the time I do nothing. I don't want anything out of the ordinary. I may use some doe in estrus as I walk in on day 3 or 4 depending on what I have seen. I hunt in a fairly active human environment so most smells don't bother them, or so it seems. I find it more importanat during archery when distance counts, but the slug will reach out there and say hello.
  6. My luck with scents and calls has all been rather poor. I've found when I use either the deer come in, but they are on alert. If I just watch my scent control, wear scentloc suits, play the wind...the deer come in, but they're relaxed, not looking for anything out of the ordinary.

    As for cover scents, I hunt near a busy railroad track, so many big smelly trains zip by during the day I believe 10W40 would be a pretty good cover scent...just don't want to wash the oils out of my cloths then next day.
  7. If the scent is not a natural elements vanilla or apples it may spook a deer
  8. Hey guys, I use Mrs. Doe Pee's products for luring deer, or just to make a decoy set up smell real. Sam and Judi Collora are good friends of mine, and I can assure you that their real deer urines work excellently when used properly. Tell Sam and Judi that I referred them to you. I'm not the type to endorse products, but these real urines can really help.
  9. Just a follow up on the use of vanilla. I never believed it when told about it. I was told it does not spook the deer. After using it now for a couple of years, I can honestly say that if anything, the deer are not spooked by it, and may actually be curious about it. Hunting from a portable blind, which is not a scent lock type, I sprayed a little vanilla on the blind itself to cover my scent that may gather within the blind. I have had plenty of deer walk up to and passed my blind. The vanilla does not spook them.

    As for the apple scent, I agree. There should be apple trees somewhere in the neighborhood such that the deer recognize it is a food source.

    -Dan- ;)
  10. I'm no expert (yet, but I'm learning), but I like to go as scent free as posible at all times. I bathe using scent free soap, I wash my clothes in scent and brightener free soap, before I leave home I chew a stick of mint gum to wear out the flavor, but keep my mouth moist and I drink a lot of water to keep my breath to a minimum. On the ground I employ the 3 S's: sight, sound and smell. I drag a scent rag into my stand crossing deer runs but only start the drag about 50 yards away. I make my drag patern in a complete circle so no matter which way the deer follows it, the deer will pass my stand. I call, but only to deer I see (using a doe call only) to get them too look in my direction with no fear of being attacked. I also use a doe decoy so their attention is focused on what they are looking for and not on me. With a decoy I can practically dance in my stand without being noticed. Plus, if I make a strange noise and the decoy dosen't runt, most of the time the buck won't run either.

    For instance: Last year I had a nice 8 point come in and see my decoy. At 15 yards I drew my bow back. Before I could set my pin on his vitals my release failed and I shot a tree 5 yards in front of me. The buck left in a hurry. Before I got my next arrow nocked, he was back. He kew I was there, but because the decoy didn't run he thought it was safe. I drew back again and my release failed again, but this time he didn't come back.