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Bucks are getting bigger.

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by HickoryNut, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. I wasnt sure about the one buck rule in the beginning but my gosh look at the number of big bucks being harvested. Boone and Crockett may have to bump the minimum entry up to 170. What are your opinions on the one buck rule???
  2. They should have started it 10 years ago. While I was still a avid deer hunter.

  3. I'm all for it....It's working well in our areas as we have more and bigger bucks..
  4. I posted this link in another thread but thought it was appropriate here.

    If this doesn't tell wether or not it works what will. I think the one buck rule is working great. I know there are alot of people out there that think they should just party hunt now. That doesn't help. A real hunter obeys the laws. When that takes place it works. I personally am seeing more mature buck in the feild than years back. I think Indiana will soon be a destination state for big bucks.
  5. I dont really have a problem with the OBR, i normally would only shoot one buck anyway. I think only one year did i ever take 2 bucks. There are bigger bucks being killed, but in my area where i hunt i can honestly say i havent seen the slightest improvement in the size of the deer. I havent shot a buck out of this particular property for going on 5 years now and every year i pass up several year and a half olds, and to this day still have yet to see a respectable buck on this place. The OBR does me no good when the guys on surrounding properties are killing the first buck they see. I think there are several other factors that influence the quality of deer. If your lucky enough to get a prime piece of ground with very limited hunting pressure, then your chances of seeing good bucks increase over someone who is contending with other hunters. I think the OBR really helps the guys with the money who can afford to lease their spots and keep everyone else out and do as they wish.
  7. This i know for sure the property a buddy an me hunt this year produced 130 inch on second day of bow season....and i harvested 143 inch first day of gun.My taxedermist says she has not had a deer under 3 1/2 brought in this year........I'm all for it!!!
  8. One Buck a Year

    I haven't seen so many bucks in all my years of hunting. This is the first time I've seen more Bucks then Does. Not only are there more bucks in my area, they are good size deer. My little brother shot a 15 pointer this year and last year my friend shot a 15 pointer that scored 193 5/8. I'm all for this one buck a year.
  9. one buck

    this one buck rule has did nothing but good! seen more quality bucks thisyearthen i have seen the past 3 or 4 years! i hope they keep this regulation for good maybe will compete with IL. WIS. and all the other big buck states! another thing that would help pass on the smaller bucks and wait on a respectable buck !
  10. More Big Bucks; Thank The Lord!!!

    I'm glad you all have noticed the increase in numbers of big bucks being seen, and harvested now than ever before. I still have people telling me that it isn't doing anything. In fact, the DNR is still in denial over this whole thing. I will go out on a limb here and guarantee that this will be a record year for Boone and Crockett entries, as well as HRBP entries. We'll know more as soon as everyone's 60 day drying periods are up. Usually by the time the Indy show comes (in late February) we've got a good idea how the season went. We've seen a steady increase in the number of big ones coming through for the last 3-4 years. If you were an HRBP scorer you'd see it even more than you do now. I'll bet we'll have over 20 B&C bucks from 2005. County records are falling like the "smart" bombs that fell over the Al-Queada caves soon after 9/11. If you are aware of any real giants (180-200 Typ., or 210+ N.T.) feel free to e-mail me at I'm a writer for Indiana GAme and Fish, and cover most of the big buck stories for them. Have a good one fellas!!!
  11. I absolutely agree with the one buck rule. I shot a good 10 pointer, but the two buddies of his are still in the woods and they were both bigger than my buck. Hope it gets reinstated. (OBR)
  12. What the OBR has done is get some hunters (mostly two-season bowhunters) to pass some deer that they would never pass before. Now, some of of those deer do make it until next year. Some only make it until the opener of firearm season.

    I really dont believe that ALL of the credit for "Bucks are getting bigger" is due the One Buck Rule. There are a lot of other factors here at work.

    The Indiana herd is at an all time high. More deer = more bucks = more bigger bucks.

    The average age of hunters goes up one year EVERY YEAR. With that comes hunting maturity and being more selective. I haven't killed a year and half old buck in over 20 years. That mindset is FINALLY catching on.

    I have seen at least 7 states that have new records set this year. It is not just an Indiana phenomenom that there are "bigger bucks". This is happening nationwide.That just re-enforces my contention that there are more deer and the more experienced hunters are "letting him go, so he can grow".

    To assign the "big buck" reason as the OBR is way too simplistic.
  13. Herd at an all time high??? How do you know this???

    You are right to assume that the one-buck-rule isn't the sole reason for the "sudden" increase in production of mature bucks statewide. Actually the present ( and continuing) increase is due to 3 things:
    1) In the mid nineties antlerless tags were available over the counter statewide for the first time in the history of deer hunting in Indiana. For the first time ever, hunters who normally HAD to shoot a buck during firearms season were allowed to shoot does. Remember, before this you had to apply for an antlerless tag, and were not always succesful in getting one. Simply put, more hunters killed does, and some bucks (for the first time ever statewide) started to make it to older age classes. Face it, some hunters just want to shoot "a deer", and, once this is accomplished, are done hunting. In the past this deer was a scraggly 2-8 pointer. Now, more and more, these same hunters are tagging does.
    2) Hunters, regardless of age, are now passing up young bucks because of the modern QDMA and similar management philosophies that are out there. More hunters are apt to "let him go, so he can grow". But according to some people there are just as many 1.5 year old bucks being shot on opening days of gun season. Hmmmmmmmm!! And, more people are learning the importance of doe harvest. (See No.1)
    3) The OBR. While I've said this is a combination of all 3 factors, you can NOT deny that this rule is probably the biggest factor. A certain % of hunters are going to kill only a certain % of bucks under this rule. So what if some of the bucks passed by bowhunters are taken by gun hunters. What about all of the bucks that don't get shot because this gun hunter has tagged out, and the bowhunter might not score for the year, seeing that the range of the weapon is significantly less. Isn't that what you said...that two-season bowhunters "are passing up bucks that they would never pass before"? Do you know what all of Indiana's bowhunters have passed on in the past enough to really make this call? I've been passing up immature bucks with a bow for the last 6 years, but the OBR has only been in effect now for 4 years. That too, is a simplistic approach.

    Now here is where I have a major bone to pick with you...You mention that the herd is at "an all-time high". Where did you get this information from, and how can you prove it????? Don't you know that our DNR doesn't try to count how many deer exist in our state?? Ever wonder why??? Do you also know that every state around us does take census counts every year???
    Now I would like for you to know that the herd isn't at an all-time high, but we'll never know that for a fact since our DNR doesn't count the herd anymore will we? Back in the 1980s (when they did census the herd at nearly 500,000 animals and when I first started hunting)there were way more deer (I said deer, not bucks) in my hunting areas than there are now. Did you know that during those years when the herd was huge and overpopulated, that there were very few real monsters shot statewide? Why, because practically everyone shot bucks, because you couldn't just get a "doe" tag over the counter like now. Over the years this skewed the ratio terribly toward females. It was nothing to go out and see 15-20 does and fawns for every antlered buck that we saw. This is no exaggeration either.
    Here is another common myth that you've re-exposed. More deer=more bucks=more bigger bucks. WRONG!!!! Actually just the opposite is true. In the modern age of whitetail management (see: what practically every MW state but Indiana does) states that manage there herds correctly strive to keep the numbers of their herds at lower levels and try to manage so that the buck:doe ratios are closer to even. When the herd density is low and the sex ratio is more balanced, that is when the numbers of mature bucks increases. Having herds at all time highs causes the opposite to happen. Especially when the "management" philosophy only allows you to take bucks. It's more about putting $$$$ in the state coffers than it is about creating a deer utopia in which the entire herd is in balance and there are plenty of Big Bucks out there for us to harvest. A word to the wise: just because someone (don't want to mention names) from DNR makes a claim about numbers and percentages, it doesn't always mean it is factual. Why did they quit censusing deer numbers statewide while every other state does do it????? Think about this for a minute!! And if we do really produce record harvests every year, then how can the herd continue to grow?? Think about it!!!!

    Oh, and by the way, can you please list and give me the scores of these 7 states that have new records from this past season???

    It's all three, but don't overlook the importance of the OBR. If you don't believe me then I'll give you Dr. James Kroll's e-mail address and you can talk to him. Seriously, I'll do that if you want me to.

    Cut N Shoot, don't take any of this personal because it wasn't meant to be a personal attack on you. You don't have to agree with any of this, but most all of it is truth, based on proper biological experimenting.

    Go to and click on the midwest 2005 deerhunting report. Of all of the 11 mw states shown, guess which one does NOT have a number for the population of deer inside of its borders. Michigan has 1.7 million deer. I'll bet we outproduce them in Boone and Crockett bucks. Anyone want to bet on this???
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  14. I believe you've got it right Dean Weimer..... This is the first year that I've shot a buck in four years. Until this year I never really saw one that tickled my fancy, and let the little ones go, they grew up, and wow......... we had quite a few nice ones in our woods this year. I've always taken atleast two does for dinner though.
  15. Dean,

    Since deer tags went to $24.00 EACH in Indiana....our button (fawn male) harvest has been on a steady DECLINE.

    Indiana now boasts one of the lowest button (fawn male) harvest percentages in the WHOLE country, vs. total harvest numbers.
    Why have you discounted this very IMPORTANT fact?