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Bucks Fighting

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by jbam369j, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. I went out sunday night with 2 of my buddys and we got out in the woods and set up about 3:30. My two friends set up on the corner of his woods and i went and sat on the corner of another woods 200 yds away. We sat around and were talking back and forth on our cell phones untill about 5. I started to grunt and i hear this huge crash in the woods so i got ready to shoot but nothing came out. Around 6 i look at the corn field about 200 yds away from where im sitting so 400 yds away from my 2 buddies. when this doe walks out and im looking at her through by binoculars then this basket rack 8 pt buck walks up behind her. They walked down to a grass patch in the corn and walked in. About 5 min, later the basket rack came runnign out and with it came 4 does, i thought maybe a coyote scared them out of the corn and then i saw it. A massive 12pt. buck stepped out, put his head down and rammed the 8pt. they fought for over an hour and i sat there and watched the whole thing. one of the most exciting deer hunt ive been on!
  2. All sounds good except the conversations on the cell phones. Kind of waters it down and takes away from the quality of the hunt to me, but that's my opinion. What do I know, I don't have a cell phone. Glad you got to see an all out fight like that, I hope to witness one sometime, but I've only seen sparring to date.

  3. These kind of fights will happen more and more as more big bucks are recruited into the herd. This is what doe harvest and letting small bucks walk; in addition to being limited to only one buck will do for the overall herd. Hopefully we all will start to witness more and more of this beginning now. I'll bet that was cool to see.
  4. I saw three bucks locking horns as well Monday night at 7:00pm.There were three does with the bucks.I was looking through a four power range finder,forgot binoculars,two of them were shooters.I was pumped to say the least.
  5. WOW!

    You counted 12 points (on a fighting buck) at 400 yards?
  6. You kill a buck already this year Camby? You sure seem to be full of piss and vinegar lately.
  7. Read it again, he said 200 yards from him and 400 yards from his buddy
  9. Fighting Bucks

    Dean I think you are absolutely right regarding the fighting bucks (damn, I hate think that he was right) ;) ;) I have never seen an all out fight, but pretty good sparring matches. OBR and QDM just makes sense for the herd and the hunter. Let's see more posts about the fights being seen this year.
  10. All the bucks I've seen around eachother so far have been "big buddies". All that is getting ready to change! Looking for some aggression this weekend, hand me them horns!
  11. So lets get this straight:
    Camby is upset cause the other guy called a 12 point buck on his cell phone ,but lost his signal at 400 yards. The other two buddies were chased by 4 does and a 8 point basket rack into thier tree stands and everbody is excited?

    This all sounds a little off.....did I miss something?
  12. Saw my 120" 8 ptr. again on Friday night. Passed on him at 15 yards. He and I were watching a sparring match between another nice 8 and a basket 6. There was also a wide forkhorn hanging around as well. Four bucks within shooting range at one time, but the 140" didn't show...:(
  13. Yeah, right, J.L. Like you could score that buck at 15 yards???!!!:biggrin: