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Bucks sparring on Wed. Aug. 16

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. A friend of mine videoed two immature bucks sparring on Wed. evening. The footage was fairly blurry so we couldn't determine if the bucks were in hard horn, or still in velvet. Anyone ever see velvet bucks sparring this early???

    Remember, antlers harden as velvet grows all summer. I assume the antler tips themselves may, or may not have hardened all the way yet.......
  2. Be interesting to know if that is how some of the acorn looking tips develop on the ends of tines.

  3. No, acorn tips are a result of bucks who accidentally, while eating acorns, actually get the nuts lodged onto the tips which end up calcifying at the last moments of antler hardening. Hence the name....Acorn Tips!!!!:hide:
  4. During this past spring turkey season, I saw a group of young bucks sparring. They didn't have much or any antlers though, rather little knots on the skull.
  5. 'Knots on their skull'.....something in this phrase makes me think of my boy Quailrunner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:evilsmile :bash: !!!! Me with the hammer........
  6. That didn't seem called for at all. Weimer's mean to birds.
  7. Now, where's that damn Pigeoncrapper?????:evilsmile
  8. I thought we were talking about bucks fighting and now it a bird fight.
  9. I don't think bucks will spar with velvet on their antlers. When velvet is on their antlers are sensitive from growing.
  10. Antlers harden as they grow. While the tips may now be sensitive, the bases have been hardened. Most people don't realize that antlers harden long before they shed velvet. This is a common myth...that velvet antlers are soft and then calcify towards the end of their growth cycle. They actually harden as they grow. While somewhat rare, it isn't uncommon to see velvet bucks sparring towards the end of the antler growth cycle...even with full velvet.
  11. As only a true Bonehead would know....right Deano???:evil:
  12. Acorn tips

    I am not familiar with the term and have probably never seen an acorn tip. Question Dean. On the August cover of NAW, is the left G-2 what would be considered an acorn tip?