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Bucks that still have there antlers

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Hetch Muncy, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. I saw 3 nice Bucks on the back of my property last week, and all three had there racks and a small 6 pointer who still had his rack also, has anyone seen any bucks lately ?

  2. I still keep all of my game cams out through march and it looks like about 30% of bucks here in so. In. have dropped their antlers.
  3. I saw a 140" nine pointer last night before the superbowl through the spotting scope that still had both his antlers. He jumped two fences and they didnt fall off so im guessing they are still firmly attached. He is going to be an awesome critter next season. I also saw a disturbing site last night too.
    One of the does that came into the field had to walk about 150 yards out of the way to find an opening in the fence to get to the cut corn. She couldnt jump and was having a hard time walking and i noticed it right away as soon as i saw her making her way back to the herd that was feeding before me. IT looked like someone had taken a head on shot at her and missed to the right side. The bullet appeard to have exited the shoulder area right at her elbow. Her entire leg was stuck out in front of her like a pointer to where she was going. Although her disability was extremely hard to watch in the cold winter wind, she appeared to be healthy and had a good solid frame left on her. Hopefully she makes it and you could see the determination and will to survive in her face as she fed across the corn field. It really hurt to see her hobbling around and will definately make me think twice about the shots i take from here on out.
    When it was all said and done.... I saw four bucks with racks and a ton of does out in the fields before the superbowl. What a great afternoon of freezing my butt off looking through the spotting scope.. hopefully this weekend i will see that same big boy minus some head gear.
  4. My neighbor has seen 3 still with full racks
  5. I saw a mature buck with only his left side still attached last evening right at sunset...pretty cool. Won't be long and I'll be out a lookin'.
  6. I have found 3 nice sheds already. Saw a large group of deer last night and none of them had headgear. A couple of them were very big bodied. Hard to guess though.
  7. Quail has been lookin' for a deer with antlers ever since....Oct. 1st. :cwm27:
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. i saw two full racked 8pts. last night also a smaller half rack with them...i've seen bucks in early march still sporting headgear.
  10. :cheeky-sm Take that Randy. Been longer than since Oct. 1st, but don't want to dwell on the negative.:banghead3
  11. All the bucks in my area still have both antlers.
  12. On the way home from ice fishing last night I had two big boys run across the road in front of the jeep. A big 8 and a bigger 10. All antlers present.
  13. saw a nice 8pt with full headgear at a gravel pit today
  14. Do you you guys think this cold weather will speed up the process a little bit?