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Bunch o birds

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by 1 shot, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Spent Wednesday driving to South Bend and back on 31. There was a bunch of birds ( and deer) out between 12 and 2 North of Peru - Rochester area. Someone is going to have some good hunting this year.
  2. Ive seen quite a few turkeys out and about lately. My toms here at home have been gobbling and strutting quite a bit lately.

  3. Saw quite a few turkeys out and about, today. Some good looking longbeards, all in Owen County. No strutting or gobbling, though.
  4. Can't wait to get out in the field. I am driving my wife and her cats nutty with my slate call practice in the house
  5. 1 shot, I know EXACTLY where your talking about. East side of 31 just south of CR 375 along the Tippecanoe river, right across from the Fulton County Museum and Trail Of Courage reinactment grounds. Bad thing about that property, the people that own it allow NO HUNTING! I've hear rumors that they are BIG TIME P.E.T.A members. I've tried for 15 years to hunt it. You ALWAYS see alot of deer and turkey there no matter what time of day!