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  1. Butchered my first deer in about 20+ years last night with the assistance of a friend that had all the cutlery. I'm commited to doing my own from here on out now. Any recommendations on a good set of steel for doing this work, what do you all use???
  2. I like a good, heavy hunting knife, and a couple of sharp fillet knives. Those are about the only knives I use while butchering.

  3. My hunting knife to get the hide off and then a couple fillet knives is all I use.

    Fillet knives: I've got a couple of those Ropola ones you can buy at Wal-mart and several others that I don't know the brand name. I just keep a bunch sharp so I don't have to do much sharpening in the middle of butchering.
  4. Same here on the fillet knives.Check out e-bay for those.The Schrade fillet knives are still available and they hold a edge better than my el-cheapo fillet knives.A couple of 6-8 in boning knives do not hurt either.
  5. You've made it to the light, Randy !!!

    Way to go Randy, we told you to come over to our side!!!

    It's been said already, heavy skinning knife, and fillet knife....don't forget lots of freezer paper and freezer tape. We use our Kitchen Aid mixer to do all the grinding.
    Keep a couple of 5g white buckets clean and ready to pitch the burger meat into. It's a great thing to get the whole family into....your girl can wrap and tape, Mom can make the final cuts while you and a buddy debone the meat off the deer. There's a beauty to the butchering party....

    So easy, so cheap, so much added meaning to the hunt.
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  6. Quail forgot the drinking of a frosty choice beverage and retelling the story of the hunt. Again...and again...and again...:tongue:
  7. About time you started butchering randy. A good couple sharp fillet knifes like JL said, but got tired of sharpening the hunting knife for skinning the deer hide. I found out that box blade knifes work well, just keep changing the razer blades during skinning for a very sharp edge,actually I skin all my animals with a box blade knife!