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Cabelas in Greenwood?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by indylandon, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. I was just told that they broke ground on a Cabelas on the east side of 65. This is in Greenwood IN and on the oposite side of the road where the Gander Mountain is. Has anyone heard this?
  2. I Had Not Heard This, And I Try To Keep My Ear To The Rail On These Things. The Last I Heard Was That Cabelas Was Looking At Edinburg, Around The Outlet Mall, But That That Deal Fell Through.

    I Have Also Heard That They Are Courting Bass Pro Shops To Be An Anchor Store At The Six Points/i-70 Development Proposed Near The Indy Airport.

    I Am Just Thankful That Gander Mtn Is Finally On The Southside, I Can`t Stand Dicks.

  3. Amen! Dicks sucks! No pun intended. Ever since they switched from Gaylans their selection has gone down each and every time I have been there. So now I don't even bother.
  4. I sent an email to cabelas and they said it isn't true. Darn people telling rumors. Sorry if I got some people excited. I should have waited till I new something from Cabelas. I know that Cabelas has been trying to get an incentives package together from the state to buid in northwest IN, but I don't think theres enough money up there.
  5. Cabelas already bought the property for the store from a country club and they are getting tax breaks to help pay for the cost of building the store. Plus a ton of hotels and other restaurants and stores are looking to buy property around Cabelas.
  6. Yeah, that Cabela's rumor has been floated around forever. However the Bass Pro store in Plainfield rumor? Might want to keep an eye on that one.

  7. Wish they had one in Ft. Wayne...then again ($) glad they don't.
  8. Yea, when I told my wife I heard they were building a Cabelas in Greenwood, I got the dirtiest look. She was not happy. When I told her it wasn't true, she gave me the biggest smile.

    Hey bigling97, where at in the state? What country club? I don't care if it's a Cabelas or Bass Pro, Anythings better than Dicks. Gander Mountain is ok, but I would like to see one of the other stores close to Indy.
  9. Hey Indy its up here in Hammond. The country club they bought out was named Woodmar country club it was about 80 years old and the remaining members all split the sale price between them. I think after it was all said and done they each got about 80,000 each. Not too bad.
  10. Cabelas is still tring for a tax deal so they have not broke ground yet.
    BassPro in Portage, IN. has broke ground and will open in Nov. 2006. :)