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Calling all NE'rs

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by anon782010, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. I might be able to make it on Saturday. Might even bring my kids along, so long. We'll have to see. Not sure I want my kids to meet that Marsh guy. They are tough chicks, but monsters still scare them.:yikes:

  2. yeah that rignt, i'm the boogy-man...:eek:ne_eye:
  3. If the kids are around the "RV salesman" much, I don't think Marsh will be a problem.:16suspect
  4. it oldrookie. I'm an RV ENGINEER....not an RV Salesman!!! :biggrin:

    I was at that show repping our product, and coincidently it happened to fall during the deer/turkey expo. :evilsmile're probably right...Derek should still keep his kids away from me! LOL :dizzy: :coco: :bonk:
  5. That's why I haven't had you over for a beer yet!;)
  6. I'll be there measuring on Saturday and Sunday all day.
  7. Dean gonna help with that? Or are you on your own again..haha
  8. He was on his own when Dean was there!:evilsmile

    We got your back Scott. We all know who the scoring master is.;)
  9. I will be there, did someone say meet and eat. I'M IN
  10. Although it's no Indy Show, it's still fun going and seeing some of the local folks. I'll be there on Saturday.
  11. when is this? i would love to go and possibly meet a few of you
  12. March 15-18

  13. The Booger Man!!??
  14. We dedicated scorers were at the Indy Show......Where were you YOur Excellency????