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Camo Pattern for Indiana?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Benado, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. What pattern of camo is most effective in southeast Indiana? I'll be bowhunting from a tree stand. I have only hunted in Indiana when all the leaves had fallen from the trees, so I'm not sure about earlier in the year. Thanks in advance.
  2. I think it's more about scent control and non movment than camo pattern. My favorite camo outfil for comfort is still a 10 + year old Jim Crumley Treebark coverall !! I own more modern, but I always seem to put on the treebark ones !


  3. everyone knows you can't kill any real deer if your not in Mossy Oak Breakup :tongue: If your wearing realtree...might as well leave the bow in the truck:coco:
  4. You cant kill any deer unless your wearing REALTREE if you have mossy oak you better just leave your gun;) in the Neon
  5. Neon!!?? tell me ur hunting vehicle is not a neon. 2003 Chevy 4x for this Mossy Oak supporter. All ur failed hunting stories are starting to come together now 911 lol.
  6. Whatever is on clearance at Wal-Mart:)
  7. Well Nob when you drive an hour and 15 minutes to work everyday and you are old and have 3 kids you really dont care what your car is.:) I still have the 4 wheel dr Durango, Whenever the wife lets me drive it.

    I get 32 miles to the gallon how many do you get;)
  8. hey bud i thought it was a joke :banghead3 whatever works i guess. I thought u were blowin me crap :chillin: thats ur excuse for shootin little deer though eh..fits in the car better
  9. Fauxluage by miragewear in mossyoak break up. stuff is awsome it has all the extra 3d leaves on it, but they left them off the front and inside of the arms so you can draw and shoot a bow. stuff is great. it fools the turkeys.
  10. Thanks for the info and the feud between noblehunter and 911-all very entertaining. On a side note: my buddy and I trapped a whole season out of the trunk of a 2-door saturn car with a butterfly sticker on the back. My jeep was broke down and he didn't have a truck so we had to borrow my wife's car to go trapping. That car could easily go through 6 inches of snow, but we found out that 10 inches was too many inches!:bash:
  11. I used to hunt out of a Dodge Omni! One time I killed a big- bodied 11 pointer in Kentucky and put it in the back. I couldn't unload it for a while and it stiffed up and I had a heck of a time getting it out:dizzy: :)
  12. Camo Pattern

    I wear the Green Predator camo in early archery and switch to ASAT camo in the fall. Both patterns are good for breaking up the human form. Big trees behind don't hurt either.:evil:
  13. Realtree HD Green for me....awesome fit for the woods I hunt!
  14. Nothing but Realtree. Max-4 on thr grround and HD Green in the trees. Also have some Hardwoods snow for the late season. Works great from the trees in the late season keeping you from getting sky lined.
  15. For Early Fall-Bow season: Realtree Hardwoods Green, or Depending upon how many skeeters are out Bug off leafy.

    For Firearms: Mossy Oak breakup.