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Camp sites with water access

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by Lost_Peninsula, May 18, 2005.

  1. After years of docking at Lost Peninsula marina I have decided to sell my 22' boat and replace it with a 14' boat with a 18 hp evinrude.We have been doing a lot of tent camping and the kids really enjoy it. I miss the fishing. So I decided to compromise and use the small boat as a trailer to haul the tent and camping equipment to the campground. When done all I have to do is pull the canvas cover over everything and store it until the following weekend. I have been to Pokhagon many times and rented their boats, they have transit docks there for campers first come first serve. I would like to know of other campgrounds that offer the same kind of set up. Somewhere that has access to the water and docks or better yet allows you to beach your boat at your campsite. I'm new to this and will post any good finds. Anywhere in the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana Tri-State area is good.

  2. Sparky, thanks for the reply. I will be in Indianapolis this weekend (unfortunately on a honey do and not a fishing get away) On the way home I am going to swing by and check out the campground. How did people ever do anything before the Internet? Thanks again, hope to be able to create a post at the end of the season with pictures of all the places I visited and how things went. Thanks again.
  3. No Problem LP I hope that helps!

    As for the internet; "You see Bobby, time was when a man could stop in at his local bait & tackle or baber shop, you just don't get that information at one of them Mega-Lo-Marts..." (Hank Hill)

    I'll be looking for the pictures from your adventures!

    Sparky :cool:
  4. I believe that Patoka lake has camp sites on the water

    West Boggs lake has a few camp sites on the water

    Rumor is that they are reopening the camp grounds at Hindostan Falls, and if they do the river is just across the road from the camp sites. (was told this by a local CO)

    There is another place localy called Glendale where I think they have camp sites on the water.
  5. Paynetown at Lake Monroe has sites where you can camp and beach the boat below the campsite. You can also do that at Salamonie. I am not sure about the camping arrangements, but Prairie Creek near Muncie has a campground by the lake. In parts of Summit you can park and camp as well.
  6. you said you have stayed at pokagan. accross 69 from there, there is a little camp ground called Oak Hill it sits on a set of lakes called the Seven sisters. very good fishing lots of nice gills and bass. these lakes might be electric only so you might want to call and check it out.
    Here is their number-260-668-7041
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