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Camping/Fishing/Bow Shoot

Discussion in ' Outing Forum' started by dleslie217, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Starting a seperate thread on this outing so we can keep it seperate from the outing that TMarsh is putting together.

    For those just getting in on this: We are trying to put together an outing in Central Indiana for IS members. What we are looking at is camping and fishing at Lieber St. Rec. Area along with attending a 3d bow shoot at Nancy's Broken Arrow in nearby Cloverdale.

    How does the 16th. and 17th of June sound? Nancy's has a scheduled shoot that weekend. After giving it some thought, I think it better to plan to attend one of their scheduled shoots rather than try to schedule a private shoot of our own. I not sure we could guarentee the numbers they might require for something private. If we do it this way, members can have the choice of shooting, fishing or just sitting around the campsite shooting the bull. Nancy's is about 7 miles south of I-70 at the Cloverdale/Greencastle exit (US 231, exit #41), Catarac or Lieber St. Rec. Area is just west of there on off I-70 at exit #37, in fact it's almost a straight shot down highway 42 about 6-7 miles.
  2. That is father's day weekend...came up when we were trying to pull a date for this one...

  3. Always up for fishing Catarac. The primitive camping there is awesome. Just watch out for the friendly raccoons. If we can nail down a date to fish there, count me in. I'll bring my boat. :fish:
  4. If i remember correctly the Cloverdale Traditional Archery Nationals in town somewhere around there.. so watch trying to plan something around that three day weekend. It gets crazy crowded around there. Might be something to look into.
  5. count me in also , my son and i take our boat there sometimes
  6. Sounds good, a lot of planning though.
  7. How does the 19th. and 20th of May sound? Fishing will probably be better and to keep things simple we just get together and do some camping, fishing and bullchiting at Catarac. If anyone is interested in getting together for a bow shoot we could make plans to all get together at one of Nancy's scheduled shoots sometime.
  8. I LIKE IT!!! :chillin:
  9. where is this catarcat at fella,s?i'm in corydon which is around louisville ky.if it aint to far away count me in.have boat will travel.
  10. it is over by cloverdale off of 70 , count me in on the 19th and 20th
  11. Time wise it's about half an hour west of Indy.
  12. I might be in for this one as well, as long as I'll have a boat partner when I get there.
  13. This could be fun.....I know Catarac has 'eyes in likes that.
  14. You got a boat?......... I need a partner with a boat.
  15. I do have a boat, Doug.