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can hunt hits wall whoo hoo

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by psychobubba, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Sounds good! You guys in the Logansport area need to contact the state senate sponsor, Tom Weatherwax to leave it die!

  2. Will do, i just emailed him about a month ago asking him to vote no, now i will email him and tell him to let er die. I didnt realize he was sponsor of this bill until i read that article.
  3. high fence today! Pay lake tomorrow?

    I don't have any reason to hunt at a club that has fenced in animals to be shot.
    But are the pay lakes who stock fish to be caught the next business that will take some heat? There comes a time for all of us to stop and think about our actions or reactions. Regulations, Laws, and other statutes that control every buisness are for the most part good but common sense and personal responsibility should take presidence.:bonk:
  4. Here is what is happening in WV.......

    This is WV's final plea. We had a meeting with the governor yesterday and supplied him with the 4 experts he requested. Our people did a very good job and the DNR didn't behave well at all from what I am told. We felt the meeting held at least a ray of hope.

    This evening the governor told Senator Minear that he is not supporting the deer farmers ( there are only 45 of us and according to the DNR we have no support!) and he will be supporting the DNR director.

    The DNR director and his counsel are to meeting with Senator Facemyer tomorrow to plan our funeral.

    Our president Jim Eckenrode ask that I sent out an email asking the industry to call or email the governors office. Simply tell them your name and ask that the governor support the deer farmers-probably best if you don't say you are from out of state at this time. Jim seemed to indicate it would be a secretary and she would be taking count of phone calls and emails.

    Governors numbers are 888-438-2731 or 304-558-2000 email is

    Please cross post this and ask anyone you know to call or email tonight or early tomorrow. I don't know it will do any good but it is our last and final shot.
  5. don't tell??

    "Simply tell them your name and ask that the governor support the deer farmers-probably best if you don't say you are from out of state at this time. Jim seemed to indicate it would be a secretary and she would be taking count of phone calls and emails. "

    Anyone know some good funeral music?

    Teddy would be proud!!

    They can't win on a fair platform, so they resort to lies. Hmmmmmmm aint nothing new, Bellar was the model for the industry....
  6. DBurris,

    I see your point. I don't condone this fence hunting and would not like to do it, but........

    Is this much different than Put and Take Pheasants? A Pheasant isn't even from around here, China I believe. How did this not make the exotic list?

    Is this any different than buying a beef from a farmer and having it sent to your choice of processors for butchering? What about buying a 4-H calf and spending hundreds or thousands more for show stock than the animal is worth on the meat market? Is that much different than $10,000 to shoot a buck in a pen that the state says is worth $500 in the wild when you pay for poaching one?

    I understand health concerns, CWD, etc. and I support and am happy with this developement, but I am a little concerned at what this can lead to.

    Well, deer aren't domestic you say?

    Are horses domestic? What about wild mustangs? Aren't there parks and areas out west set aside to protect wild mustangs? How do you tell the difference between a domestic horse and a wild mustang? Aren't horses exotic, being brought here by the Spanish several centuries ago?

    Are hogs domestic? How can we wild boar hunt then? Are they exotic or not?

    What about buffalo? How can there be buffalo farmers and a market for buffalo meat. Is this any different? What if Bellar sold the meat and not the antlers? Is buffalo farming wrong? How can we hunt them and measure them for Boone and Crockett then?

    Don't crucify me, just learned a big lesson from my dad is all. I was so happy to see Bellar go down this fall. And then my father, the wisest man I know, started asking me these questions. It really got me to thinking thats all, thinking I should look at things for what they are and what they can be before opening my mouth.
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Everyone's entitled to an opinion...I can address only one I know for sure...a put and take pheasant can fly off the property--I've see many do that--and, even though I've seen some bounce off of trees, none ever bounced off a fence.

  8. Cary,

    I've been on some fabulous Put and Take Pheasant hunts. Never even considered hunting in a high fence area for anything, churns my stomach. Just want people to be careful what they wish for.
  9. Stocked fish in a pond can bite or not bite based on the skill of the angler. Fenced big game animals can only just stand there and get drilled