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Can someone tell me what that is?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Silverdog, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]


    These pictures were taken by my trail camera and I cannot figure out what that growth is on his back. I'm sure someone out there knows.

    I guess I finally figured out how to put these pictures on here:confused:
  2. Someone was has tried to shoot this deer with some sort of sabot, but the only thing that hit him was that plastic thing that holds the slug!!

  3. Tumors on deer are not uncommon, but I cannot clearly see what you are talking about. Atleast not enough to say for sure.
  4. Looks like a huge blood filled tick!!.....thanks, now im itching all over!

    I added a picture in the photo gallery of a big tick filled with blood, looks like that might be what it is.
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  5. I too was thinking it was a tick
  6. could be but could not be

    i think all 3 of what everyone said but more likely i would go for a tumor growth or where its be shot before ..but not for sure..
  7. puss bag

    I think that is termed a type of fibroma. Chances are it is not cancerous and probably doesn't bug that guy at all.
  8. Thats pretty wild. Every person I've shown these pictures to have come up with something different, and now its the same in here. One things for sure, a couple more years, that growth won't stop me from shooting him.
  9. I Vote For A Fiberous Tumor. Second Choice Being A Tick, But I Have Never Seen A Proportionally As Large A Tick As That.
  10. Shrooms

    Hi Bo, It actually looks like the cap off of a mushroom!!! MMMMMMmmmmm mushrooms!!!!
  11. You guys keep referencing mushrooms, what are they? With the 80 degree and no rain conditions the past two Aprils I've forgot what they look like. The only thing the last two springs have been good for is getting my sunflowers in the ground in time for dove season (that's a bait pile according to Weimer).
  12. Don't shoot that deer with the tumor, I think Dean would come over and fry it in butter!
  13. Yum

    I do have some backstrap that we could fry in butter, Scott. Maybe you could bring the family along. Do you remember what pan fried venison tastes like Scooter?????:corkysm55