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Canned Hunting Progresses

Discussion in 'Indiana Outdoor News' started by goggleye57, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. High-fence hunting bill advances to full House

    Will Higgins, Indianapolis Star

    INDIANAPOLIS - An Indiana House committee voted Wednesday to impose limits on deer hunting in fenced-in preserves but ignored calls from regulators and hunting organizations for an outright ban. The proposed legislation is expected to go before the full House early next week. It could be voted on by late next week. The Natural Resources Committee voted 11-1 to send House Bill 1349 to the full House. The bill would overturn a Department of Natural Resources ruling and legalize the hunting of farm-raised deer in preserves. Before the vote, the bill's author, Rep. John D. Ulmer, R-Goshen, offered several amendments aimed at mollifying critics. One of the amendments stipulates that an animal newly purchased by a preserve cannot be shot until it has had at least 10 days to acclimate to its new environs. "Those amendments do nothing to change my opinion," said Gene Hopkins, president of the Indiana Bow Hunters Association.
  2. Well here is my view on Can Hunts. I think it sucks, if you can't go where the aniamals has a chance then why hunt. There is a lot of places to hunt and it will not cost you $1000.00's of dollars. I just can't see myself hunting in a high fence area and tell my friends OH YES I SHOOT A HUGE 10 POINT BUCK that goes in the record book and a note under the picturce saying that I had him penned against the high fence and he had no where to go. Sorry but that's my view.

  3. Don't be sorry about that view :) You are right!!!!
  4. ccavacini

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    You know, I wasn't going to respond to the whole canned hunt thing because I don't hunt deer.

    But the more I read about it, I can't even fathom one ethical aspect of it.

    I suppose the only option of the people whose law men voted for it is to vote them out of office and tell them why they were kicked out.
  5. Taken from the Indy Star:

    Beyond the acclimation amendment, the changes state that at least 40 percent of a hunting ground must provide cover for the animals; a deer stand can't be used within 75 feet of a boundary fence; no more than one hunter per 20 acres is allowed on a preserve at one time; animals can't be shot if they're within 150 yards of an artificial feeding station; deer or elk killed in a preserve must be examined and checked for disease by the DNR; and individual animals couldn't be sold, but preserve operators would be allowed to charge according to antler size.

    If you read the details of this proposal they make it sound like they are making concessions to get this deal done. There is so much "wiggle room" in this it is ridiculous. The part about "acclimation", which I didn't copy over, states they must allow the animal 10 days to get acclimated to their surroundings, what a joke. What good does it make to give an animal 10 days to get used to a cage before killing it? no stand within 75 ft. of a boundary fence? what are they hunting with rocks? 75 ft. is nothing...that's 25 yards...nice bow hunt. gun shooters...75 ft., who they tryin' to fool...oh yeah, i forgot the politicians. no more than 1 hunter per 20 acres on a preserve at one time...nice try guys...unlikely there will ever be only 1 hunter on a 20 acre plot...more likely several hunters in a small acreage plot in the cover areas where the deer are holed up...or held up. of the total acreage claimed on one of these preserves it would be interesting to know how much of it is actually a hunting area. animals can't be killed within 150 yards of an artificial feeding station...plan on the kills when the deer are en route to the feeder or after feeding. the part about the killed animals being checked by the DNR for disease is laughable. who/when/how is this supposed to happen? who is paying for this? there aren't enough DNR employees now available to what needs to be done let alone add something absurd like this into the mix. the 40% cover clause will line up nicely with the 1 hunter per 20 acre clause...all the hunters will be in the 40% cover area...within 150 yards of the artificial feeders. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN...CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND STOP THIS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!
  6. Going on a canned hunt is like playing putt-putt and calling yourself a PGA pro. All that canned hunts are good for is some idiot with money being able to hang something on the wall and lie to his buddies about it.
  7. Lets be realistic
    When an animal is shot it is to be inspected. Last time i checked it took lab work to tell if an animal had EHD, CWD, etc. whats the turn around time on lab work from the DNR? Probably a lot longer than a guy wants to leave a dead deer in a pen on a hot fall afternoon. This is absolutely ridiculous nothing was said about deer being drugged in the amendments? Isnt that how this all got started. Piss on the deer farmers, piss on anyone who hunts inside of a play pen, and piss on all of those who think its right, instead of spending 10 grand on a deer in a pen lets put that money to good work like buying meals for people that cant. Or better yet helping the husbands and wives and families of the military personnel that are away fighting for our freedom. what a joke i am livid right now if you cant tell. I am seriously sick to my stomach to know that our state is so concerned with money that it is willing to be unethical, and just plain wrong.
  8. let's do something!

    In all of my years as a resident of Indiana, there has been one aspect of the state that has bothered me. People of Indiana are talkers. They will talk about the weather, the colts, the toll roads, taxes, utility bills, etc. What is not understood is why there are no active attempts to do anything about the complaints of the general pop. The hyperlink has been posted to the web page of the governor himself, if you don't like something do something active to deter, or change it. That is the only way anything will ever be changed. I don't agree with canned hunting, but talking about it and writing about it on this website will not stop it. If all of the people on this website and the site administrators, and the site moderators, got involved to try and stop it we would stand a whole lot better chance. Write your governor tell him why it would be a bad idea, but be courteous, write you state reps and senators, tell them why it would be a bad idea, but be courteous. People are under the impression that all of the power lies in the gov't. Really the power lies in the numbers! We just have to be willing to work as one.:coolgleam
  9. I think its funny that nearly everyone knows somebody with a glass eye?
  10. A lady I work with has a glass eye!
  11. 100% agree - get on that email - our contacts with legislators do make a

    Here is the email I just sent to the govenor-

    I am 100% opposed to legalizing canned hunting in enclosed areas. I am an avid deer hunter but see this type of animal killing as wrong. It is not fair chase, it gives real sporthunting a bad name and it also increases the chances of the spread of deadly deer diseases like chronic wasting disease and bovine tuberculosis. Please discourage this bill or veto it if it passes the legislature.
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  12. This is a post I made in an earlier thread to contact you state representive-

    Here is the http address to get your house representative's email address

    Here is the email I sent to my house rep - Marlin Stutzman

    House Bill 1349 - I see there is a bill up to make another try at legalizing fenced big game hunting- I am 100% opposed to this bill. I am an avid deer hunter myself. But I believe this kind of animal killing is very wrong. It is not fair chase. It makes regular hunting, a cherished pursuit look bad by association. It confines animals so that deadly deer diseases like bovine turberculosis and chronic wasting disease can be easily passed from one animal to the next. Legitimate hunting has enough bad press as it is without this kind of big game whoring.
    I believe in the sanctity of individual freedom but we all have to realize that freedom must be tempered to benefit and protect us all.

    Anyone is welcome to cut, paste or modify and use these email messages
  13. Bill moves to Senate

    HB1349 was ammended today by Rep Ulmer to become an "end the fenced shooting" bill. While it does allow those who had offered shoots prior to this year 5 years to get out of business, it explicitly says "get out of business". Now the bill will move to the Senate where further discussion will occur and additional ammendments may be offered, or where this bill could die.

    So, in short, the legislature is now on record as having joined the "end the shooting behind fences" campaign.

    Thanks to everyone who contacted their state legislators to let them know how much we sportsmen object to this practice. As soon as the exact language which passed the House is confirmed (someone added a last minute ammendment to put Lifetime Licenses back in) we will see that it gets posted here and on the other sportsmens websites for your review. Good work everyone. But we are not done yet

    Gene Hopkins
  14. Are You Ready????.............

    Ladies and Gentlemen:

    The Legislation just changed just changed, the bill is now "get out of business". I believe we as citizens should decide a reasonable length of time and let our Senators know the ACCEPTABLE time. Is five years too long?

    We also must ask that the renewing the lifetime license ammendment be removed, IDNR can no longer afford to sell these.

    This is an absoloute win on the House side!!! We go from making them legal, and opening the State to more......... then it is Grandfather those in existence........ now today it is.........


    You folks made the difference with calls, are you ready to finish the job? Monday we start with the Senate.......
  15. Let us know who we need to contact I have already contacted. My state rep and the gov. Let me know who else i can call. Thanks a bunch for keeping all of us on the ball with this issue.