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Canned Hunts and what is hapening

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Tallwind, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. Good Day Friends:

    Sitting here we as an alliance are pondering the emotions and responses to High Fence Deer Hunting. It is the alliance’s opinion that we, as do most people, let emotions rule our minds and hearts. The mere words Deer, Fence and Hunting stir emotions in some that are admittedly angry. Yet others are foolish and childish. Yet others are thinking responses and well stated. We feel most of the responses are pure emotion. Not the result of a good factual understanding. Here may we mention that deer farming/deer hunting preserves are but one issue the Alliance is dealing with, and emotionally involved. We are not, for or against any segment of our sporting population in, Indiana. The Alliance will eventually move to a more pressing issue and IF that issue represents a threat to one of their favorite sporting venues. We at the Alliance will be there to help them fight for their sporting lives.

    Any person who utilizes this source of opportunity (High Fence Hunting) is doing so out of choice. It has become a mater of control. Not control of a public resource but of a private industry, an industry that supplies some people with meat and an outdoor activity. Not to mention formerly encouraged by the IDNR! We are not asking that you partake of this type of hunting, we are asking you to consider the result. The impact by precedent, on other industries, hunting groups and dog groups pertaining to domesticated wild life or not. Thus, how it may impact us as a whole. This type of controlling mental attitude is rampant today. The issue of controlling all we do, all we wish to do, by emotion and self interest is wrong. So is saying that they are going to do as they want “any way”, why bother. Why stand and fight it is worthless. This is letting them win. Such an attitude fosters the CONTROL ISSUE. The Alliance suggests that we stand, take the time to put aside our emotions and really look at what is happening.

    We have chosen to stand and use one of the processes that our fore fathers thought so important, the freedom of speech. We have given up too much already. Too many of our rights have been usurped and contaminated by people feeding on emotions and untruths. To many times, apathy and the “oh well attitude”. Oh well, they are going to do it anyway, has cost us dearly. To be an American, to be what our fathers intended. We have to see the real issues not the smoke, fluff and foolish emotions that are meant to keep us under control. Control is the issue here Ladies and Gentlemen! To let them continue down this path is wrong. To not stand and be heard is foolish. Should you say, I don’t like it and don’t think anyone should or even allow high fence hunting? Are you not in fact controlling what others may or may not do?? Would you have anyone tell you what you can choose or not choose to do? I didn’t think so. Nor do others wish you to pass judgment on them in like manor.

    The Tiger is endangered and who is saving it? Not the wild life officials. I can assure you. Private and funded wildlife centers are finding ways to re-establish them. The Eagle our nation’s symbol came back from the brink. Thanks in part to captive birds. Should we even mention The California Condor? Yes it too has been successfully reinstated to the wild. Will it happen to the Wild deer heard? Not many of you out there remember that in 1940’s there were No Deer in Indiana to hunt. It was not only the 40' but the 50's 60,s and 70's that deer were scarce. The hunting preserves in existence today are there because IDNR encouraged them to raise captive whitetails to help repopulate the states meager herd. Could it happen again?? Maybe not, but should it, where will you turn? Your State wild life agency? Ponder that when you make your considerations. Stop taking and start giving!

  2. It is the Indiana beaglers alliance a group that supports high fenced hunting and claims to have thousands of members but yet no one knows anyone who belongs

    Just ignore everything Jack says because nothing he says is true
  3. 911 cant be farther from the truth...

    The Indiana Beaglers Alliance is the spokes group for all the sporting dog venues at the states Fish and Wildlife's Advisory Committee. We have the full support of most of the sporting dog organizations that operate in Indiana. Indiana Field Trialers Association, Curr and Fiest Breeders Association, The United Kennel Club, The Professional Kennel Club, Indiana AKC clubs, Elnora Outdoor Club, National Kennel Club, along with many individual sporting dog clubs across the state.

    This thread was started by the Bill Spencer Communications Director for the Alliance.Bill has full authority to pass Alliance information onto those of you who are interested in what is going on in and around Indiana in the way of sporting issues. Some of the other issues the Alliance is working on at this time include but are not limited to.

    extending rabbit season to Feb.28 of each year
    bringing back Field Trialing on state lands
    getting legislation on a right to retrieve law
    researching the feasiblity of extending squrriel season to the end of the north part of the state to be consistant with the southern part of the state.

    And yes the Indiana Beaglers Alliance does see the Deer hunting preserve issue to an opportunity threatened and does, with full knowledge and approval of the above listed members and supporters, support the existance of Deer hunting preserves in the state of Indiana. We also believe there must be fair rules established to insure the safe and healthy operation of such facilities.

    thanks everyone