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canned hunts comparisons !!

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by scrapewatcher, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. just wondering!!

    i am just searching opinions on other aspects other than canned hunting i haven't heard such as baiting that appears to be leagle in some places. examples are c'mere deer by hank parker which deer appear on this show to addicted like a crack addict n someshows i've watched in canada where they pile bait in piles and sit back in a blind and wait for a monster in a frozen area to come and eat. the hunting elite seem to promote this as talented hunting also. i find this just as patheic as canned hunting. just looking for other opinions
  2. I do not agree with hunting game over baited areas. I understand it is legal in some parts of the U.S. One of their arguments is if it weren't for baiting they would never get an opportunity to take an animal due to the thick cover/terrain of the areas they hunt. My reply to that is...TOO BAD. Hone your hunting skills to adapt the areas you are hunting. If they are unattainable then so be it. Another argument they make about Midwest game hunting is we are essentially doing the same thing by hunting in corn fields/bean fields/alfalfa/etc. I disagree with that whole heartedly. True the game does come to the field...but the possibilities of where they show up is almost limitless in many areas if you are hunting a field lot. Hunting over a baited area almost guarantees where the game will show to feed...thus my disagreement with hunting over baited areas. As far as bear hunting over bait, I've seen it done a lot on TV but can't really make an informed decision on that because I don't know that much about bear hunting. I've never done it before. It is my goal to bow hunt bear in the future but will have to do more research on it before doing so.


  3. I am not against puting salt/mineral out for deer in the summer months, but hunting over a bait pile is totaly different in my opinion.

    Several years back I did a little research, and at that time Indiana was 1 of 4 states that did not allow baiting game animals. Keeping that in mind it is no wonder that the big name hunters do not see it as being a problem. Some of the other states could have changed their laws by now.
  4. you remember the other states that did not allow it? I assumed, maybe wrongly, that more states do not allow it vs. do allow it.
  5. I do not remember rite off the top of my head, but it aws fora research paper I did when I was going to VU. I'll see if I can find my notes sometime in the next few days, and post.
  6. Being originally from Michigan where baiting is still legal, many hunters are trying to move the state away from using bait. When I started hunting 8 years ago, I didn't think I had much choice but to bait. I am self taught in the art of hunting. No one in my family hunted so I was a late starter. I used to see truck loads of apples in the woods while fishing and that is where I got the idea. After that first season I stopped because I didn't see it as sporting. Michigan then changed to law to 2 gallons on the gound at any one time and is now to 1 gallon. Soon they will stop it all together and I am glad.

  7. Man...I hope we never allow hunting over bait in Indiana.
  8. If we are one of four states that dont allow it, that just means there are four states with REAL hunters. Maybe thats why Indiana is under rated as a big buck cess pool. We actually HUNT deer.

    I remeber when I was a kid, I had three bikes stolen. Did any cop catch the one that stole my bike...NOPE. But I watched an episode of COPS the other night and they caught 6 people in 3 hours stealing bikes. WHY, because it was THEIR BIKE!!! They baited the crook like these other schmuck hunters are baiting deer.
    Any slap nut can kill a deer over a bait pile, just like anyone could kill me if they wait in the bushes at Pizza Hut.
  9. Ok every is talking about salt blocks, apples, mixes, etc.. Here is a little food for thought, what about food plots? Things like sugar beets, and turnips. Isn't that baiting too. Especially when the crops are taken out and tilled under? Like Tree says there are endless possibilities as to where the deer will come from but with good scouting you can narrow it down. so is a small food plot in the middle of untilled or disced under land a baited sight? Mixed emotions on that one from my stand point.
  10. Are food plots bait???

    Is a corn field, bean field, winter wheat field also bait then?? I use food plots mainly for the nutritional aspect (in the non-hunting season). I did harvest two deer heading(130 yards away from plot) to a food plot this fall, but I've also havested deer going to known acorn producing oaks in early season. I've also shot deer heading to a corn field, or apple trees with plenty of fruit under it. I understand some people have a problem with food plots, but deer are still deer. Most mature bucks will wait until dark to enter a food plot. The IDNR states that food plots aren't considered bait like say putting a pile of carrots/apples/corn for deer and hunting right over it. Dr. Kroll taught me that giving deer solid nutrition year 'round actually makes them tougher to hunt. I like plots mainly for the nutritional aspect.

    A question: I know a guy who gathered up a bunch of acorns and dumped them in a pile next to his treestand in a woods that had oaks. Do you guys think this is baiting???
  11. Dean...see my earlier post regarding corn fields/bean fields/alfalfa/etc. I could see where possibly in the future the products sold as Deer food plot products could be outlawed and determined illegal to hunt over in "non-bait" states. The products could/can/are used to develop deer growth and bring/hold them to the property but is it ethical to use it for hunting purposes? I don't think the intent/purpose of farmers planting corn/beans/alfalfa/etc. is to develop deer or deer hunting but for agricultural purposes. All the farmers I know want as many deer killed as possible.

    As far as your buddy "baiting" with acorns I'd say it is illegal because they were put there by him in his planned hunting area. If you are hunting acorns, apples, corn fields, bean fields, alfalfa, etc. that was not put there as bait for animals, but are there naturally I would say it is legal to hunt. Hunting an apple orchard is legit. Piling up a bushel of apples in an area that has no apple trees..illegal. Just my scoop on it. I'm sure there are opinions out there that will go the other way.....BRING IT ON. :cheeky-sm
  12. My sentiments exactly.

    People can talk nutrition all they want, but Indiana deer have done very well without any food plots since deer were re-introduced in 1934. Food plots have only gained popularity here in Indiana in the last 10 or so years. The deer didn't starve before then and never will with our habitat and the herd is controlled..

    My belief is that people put out food plots for the main reason of - the expressed purpose to attact and hold deer on their property. Agriculture crops are not planted with the deer in mind.

    I see very little difference in taking in food for a deer to eat now or taking in seed to grow food for a deer to eat later.

    Now, do I have a problem with anyone growing a food plot? Nope, not at all. It is legal. What I have a problem with is people saying it isnt there to attract and hold deer - like a bait pile.

    One of the Drurys brought that home rather handily when he did a commercial for Biologic. He said he, "called Biologic GREEN , as in green with envy from his neighbors when his plots sucked the deer off of their property".The guy that gets the deer has the biggest and best food plots?

    Whatever happened to just hunting the deer? Do we take so much advantage that deer hunting becomes a gimmee?

    BTW - I am flat against bait piles. Food plot wars are one thing, but bait pile wars are some thing else. They can get real ugly in a hurry. Close quarter eating is a disease spreader too.
  13. Dean
    Food plots are food plots. The entire midwest is a food plot i guess. I just dont like it when guys plant these food plots and sit on them and try to shoot deer. That is baiting. If they are there for nutrition in a harsh cold winter, that may help to limit the winter kill and keep a herd healthy and stronger, hey good job. If a food plot is designed to make deer vulnerable its baiting. As goes with piles of anything set out. If it is there to make deer vulnerable its baiting. Bottom line. There is not definitive path here so it gets blurry all we can do is try to be as ethical as possible and always leave good PR for all those that are on the fence about hunting.
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  14. I too am against baiting, where the line is between baiting and not baiting gets a little grey at times. State law is really a pretty good compromise.

    Treehugger- Up north where they hunt bears- you about have to bait or use dogs. They tell me up there that black bears don't pattern like deer do. They just wander over many square miles looking for food opportunities. For bear you are pretty much stuck with those two options. Although I was brook trout fishing on the Little Two Heart in the UP and the mud was covered in bear tracks. I'll give you directions if you want :)
  15. loven this!!

    this site is so enjoyable. on the bear hunting bit. i know if i was in the woods and a 400 lb. bruin came walking around looking for food i would be thanking the good lord for my tree. lol :bowdown: