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canoe or small flat bottom

Discussion in 'Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods' started by roofman73, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. hey roofman try a store we have around here called "rural king". i just bought a two-man plastic boat this summer for about $350. i love it!!!! it comes with swivel seats and trolling motor wiring. it is rated for a 3 hp outboard. i do believe mine is 8 1/2 foot long and it slides right into my truck and weighs under 100 lbs. they do have a web site. it is great for that tough to get to hole!!!

  2. rural king you say,have to check er out.
    is it a sturdy boat?
  3. try peddlers post, always deals to be had there
  4. yes it is. it is made out of some sort of plastic and the boat is a cross between a jon and pontoon. i am in love with it...
  5. I have a 14 ft tracker topper 14 that I bought brand new last Nov. Then Bought a new 16 ft tracker grizzle this spring so the 14 ft is sitting now. Has trolling motor, battery, oars with mounts on boat, running lights on boat, and trailer all brand new last year. Cost $1700 last year Make offer
  6. thanks pigeonfly what you have is more than I'm looking for.I'm heading to rural king sat.and a place called fetla's.
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  7. Fetlas used to be a place for everything. They used to have so much stuff you coulnd nt get down the rows. Last time I went there it was a totally different place. Tried to buy the 14 ft there last year but they were out then. Use to make a trip there every year before deer season started. Was always the cheapest place around for anything and of they werent they would beat it. Not sure if the changed owners or what.
  8. ever heard of a place called blythes?I guess it's in valpo also.gonna give them both a the bargin finder yesterday and there were a few good ones to go take a gander at.hopefully I'll get lucky.
    where are you at?
  9. hey roofman, go to, type in boats in their search engine. they call it a two man bass boat, and it is listed at $329.99, and there is a picture. that is cheaper than what i paid for mine a few months back....
  10. thanks,just what I was wanting.
  11. yes,I've been away from the comp though.I would like to come get it this weekend.for the's worth it.what about registration?
    you can shoot me a email if you want