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Carrie Underwood

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by hunter47331, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right category, since it's not very funny, but nothing else fit.

    I just saw on the news that Carrie Underwood was just voted “Sexiest Vegetarian” by PETA. I had no clue. Now I don’t even like her music.

    I mean… what do you eat if you don’t eat meat…
  2. A shame indeed...maybe she's never had venison cooked properly.

    I would be happy to give her a "meat filled" meal by candlelight! :evilsmile

  3. I wouldn't want to ruin her first experience with a Vienna Sausage Stallion.......
  4. Then you'd better stay away from her Deano...and leave it to me! :lol:
  5. You ol' timers wouldn't know what to do to fill her up right. Better leave it to this young stud to "cook" the right meal for her.:coolgleam
  6. You gonna make MINUTE rice for her Brooks? :evil:

  7. :hide:

    Was it something I said?
  8. haha, I got nothing....Tip my hat to you Stallion.:banghead3
  9. Fish Hook

    Fish Hook Banned

    I would love to take her out in the woods and kiss her between the limbs.
  10. if you're gonna take her out in the woods can i check her for ticks afterwards??

    and you guys are all suckers, I told her to say she was a vegetarian just to get you guys riled up...

    Ya that's right...shes in "My Five."

    I just teed the next line of jokes up for you ladies, don't let me down
  11. Vegitatrian,.... Do You Think She Likes Cucumbers?
  12. Everyday..................
  13. no jeff he didn't ask if you liked cucumbers, hes asked if carrie did...
  14. Get a grip Jones!!!!! No really...... ;)
  15. More like in "your 3 1/2" Jonesy! :evilsmile
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.