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  1. I am a MN resident who has a Conceal Carry permit which has reciprocity with Indiana. My question is I will be Turkey hunting on a farm that is having problems with coyotes and was wondering if I could carry my 22 pistol incase I see one. The farmer gave us permission to shoot them but I want to make sure it is legal. Also what will people think if they see me carry? I will be in Owen county. I just don't want to have any problems and scare someone enough I get 5 squads pulling up. Thanks for your help.
  2. You can carry but has to be can only SHOOT game with it If your LIFE is in danger from the game your shooting....Thats the way I take the Law to be!!!!....Turkey Loads Due just Fine on COYOTES...Trust me!!!! no need for someone shooting a 22 cal. while people are setting on the ground hunting Turkey.Very Dangerous
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  3. :yeahthat: What part of Owen Co.?
  4. I agree Turkey loads will do great on coyotes!!!

  5. As much as I am a 100% advocate of CCW, I agree with the above.

    Carry a concealed defensive sidearm for 2 legged critters. Let your Turkey Loads Bark at the 'yotes should they trouble you.
  6. Sorry guys but I should have stated I am bowhunting for Tom. Don't want to waste a good arrow. We are hunting around the Spencer area. Leaving tomorrow after work and can't wait. It is beautiful country down there this time of year.
  7. In Indiana a permit or license will allow you to legally carry "either" openly or concealed, and the DNR changed the rules a year or so ago, to make carrying legal while hunting.
    I understand the concern of those that question shooting a .22 with other hunters sitting on the ground, but question how that is different than shooting a pistol cartridge chambered rifle during deer season, when other hunters may be walking around the woods on the ground.
  8. Wolfman has it right.......just remember the 10 commandments of firearms saftey (be SURE of your target and whats beyond) and all will be good.

    You will be in INDIANA.......not chitcago or New Yuck....this is REAL America where 2nd Ammendment still in force ;):biggrin:
  9. when in doubt i call the law!
    call the DNR and find out. you will be better off that way and legal too!
  10. I would still carry something big enough to kill cleanly as an ethical thing, but you are legal to carry a handgun while hunting turks since you are a permit holder.