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Cataract for crappie

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Heading to Cataract, (Cagles Mill for the non local ) in the morning for some crappie fishing. Hope to have a line in the water by sun up.
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So We arrived below the dam at the spillway at sunrise didn’t get a bite the first 20 minutes, lots of fish rolling on the surface. Finally started catching crappie, put 25 or so on the stringer. Thought I had hooked up with a nice channel catfish, turned out to be a Big Mouth Buffalo. Nice fight on my ultra light set up. Thought I would post a pic, but my phone said no.
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sounds like time well spent(y)

i been finding crappie on the top feeding on shad till about 8am. my theory is the sun drives them down some, as it rises. i was catching early morning by running shallow cranks around cover. then when sun come up i jig in cover.
Headed to Lexington Indiana to the in-laws for the weekend with the beagles, my wife and the female side of the families were at the house for a bachlorette party, but I dirgress.

Got lot's of mowing, weed eating and wood cut, then some catfishing, and I mean catfishing on steriods. Within the first hour Saturday evening I caught 6 channels, setting a new PR with a 15-2, caught 2 more sunday morning, a couple of 10 lbs + thrown in for good measure. Caught them on shrimp, didn't have much, the last two were caught on turkey sausage. Will post some pics if I am able.

Squirrelfest 2022 begins Friday.
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