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Catfish Help please

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by JMBfishing2008, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. I live on the missinewa river near muncie indiana and i am having trouble fisnding the deep holes for the channels. I live where a creek enters teh river and i have tried chubs and bluegills and dough baits. But i need to find them first. I have canoe but i just need help fidnding the deep spots. Please help anything. What should i use.:help:
  2. Try up around the dam area at the end of the muncie drag way. I have caught many nice channel and flathead in that area. The deep holes in the river move around after high water. One deep hole might be 40' down river from where it was 2 weeks ago. Very dangerous if you are wading.

  3. i live very close to the dam. i have tryed that spots and had no luck what bait should i use or maybe im not fishing the right spot. Thanks fro the help
  4. just below the dam, on the north side, where the flat block is, there is a nice deep hole. We used to use small bluegills, chubs and crawlers. Very little weight.

    Its been several years since I have been there but, I have pulled a lot of nice river cats there in the past 40 years.

    Also up river, where it meets that winding road, the out side edge of the turns used to have several holes around 7'. That's about as deep as it gets until you get past the eaton area.
  5. One way to find deeper holes while shore fishing is to simply take a casting rig with moderate weight, fan cast over an area and count down until you feel the weight hit bottom. Longer the count, the deeper. Fish with one rig, explore with the other while you wait for a bite.
  6. catfishing

    I have found using chubs cut head & tail off put hook straight in & out other side use no longer than 30 min.

    I fish the wabash river all year and have real good luck
    with them.

    young sucker are even beter.