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cauli shrooms .... lol

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by Morchella Fella, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Clockwise -stumpies, honey mushrooms, cauliflower (we call them hen of the woods),sulfur shelf mushrooms, and aborted entoloma ( a fungus with a fungus)- All good ones!:) Good finds!

  2. Its the bluegill / brim thing?:) I grew up with them calling what you had and a greyish one like it all hen of the woods.
  3. Huh-uh, them aint Hens, they are Sparassis crispa aka the Cauliflower Mushroom.

    Hen of the Woods is a Grifola frondosa.

    Whare abouts are you finding those in IN? I've never seen them in MI.
  4. Both are great mushrooms! The ones I have found so far have been too late - full of bugs:rolleyes: I have found both in my woods East of Lagrange. Also have found both west of Sturgis at my brother's place. :)
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  5. Your finding the cauliflowers around here?? Wow! I should look harder I guess.

    Lots of hens this year though!

    Another good site is ;)
  6. stump im in southern indiana ... have yet to find a hen yet ..... rainin right now and the temps have been low the past week ... hopin to start findin em very soon !!!