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Caution THIN ICE

Discussion in 'Indiana Ice Fishing' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. I've heard, and read reports of several people going through the ice in Northern Indiana, and Lower Michigan... There are many thin spots especially around previoulsy drilled holes.

    Heard about one guy who jumped to reach the ice on Winona (somewhere off the island) this afternoon, but by the time he walked back in he had to jump into shallow water and mud to get off the ice, where he promptly sunk up to his knees...

    Be careful out there, we'll get another cold blast here before too long...

  2. ice is real thin in Johnson county

  3. time to take extension laders out to get on the ice :yikes: :bonk:
  4. My last trip was last night, the fish weren't biting anyway. Yep, we will wait for some colder air. I did see two guys out on Pretty Lake on the way home from Kendallville. :)
  5. I fished the west end of Crooked Lake (Whitley County) this morning. Caught lots of bluegill, but many were short. 3-5 inches of SOFT ICE!