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Cedar Creek

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Piggyn, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. I made it out to Cedar Creek this evening to do some smallmouth bass fishing. I caught a nice, fat 14 incher, and 6 nice rock bass (or goggleyes). A couple of the rock bass were especially nice, each going about 10 inches.

    Apparently I don't have permission to post attachments, so I uploaded the pictures into the photo gallery.
  2. was it a private or public lake that you fished in. those are some nice catches.

  3. Cedar Creek is a public waterway. It's a nice paddle, and there are a few good places to launch canoes. I was fishing from shore, though.

    I don't keep anything that I catch out of there, because I don't think that the water quality is all that great. Here's a link to the Indiana Fish Consumption Advisory webpage:
  4. Good Deal Piggyn - Once you upload to the photogallery I don't why you shouldn't be able to post pics. go to properties copy the http address for the pic and click on the yellow square with mountains on the reply toolbar and paste your address there - it should work:rolleyes:
  5. OK, I finally figured it out. :bonk: You've got to go to the photo gallery and copy and paste the UBBCode for each picture into the body of your message.

    I had already tried using the Insert Image button on the toolbar and entering each pic's URL, but I just got red X's when I did that. All better now!



  6. Steve

    Steve Admin Mod

    Nice pics thanks for sharing.
  7. Great photos. Creek looks kinda big there. must be well downstream? I've hit that a couple of times but never got any SM as nice as that. Sweet!