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Ceder Fence Post

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by anon782010, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. Think if I put a ceder fence post or two on travel routes the deer will use them? Anyone else do this?
  2. Seems like a lot of outfitters out west use them, saying the bucks love the scent. I know the cedar's where i hunt are tore up almost every year.

  3. I have never placed a ceder post in the ground, but I know deer love to use ceder trees. It wouldn't hurt to try.
  4. tmarsh I have no idea, check with me next year and I will tell you. Reason being thanks for the idea I am going to put up 8 or 10 cedar post and find out.

  5. lets compare notes...i think I'm gonna put out about 3 or 4...haha
  6. Hmmmmm........that is one intresting idea..........
  7. Sounds good marsh I will talk to scott about putting a few out to.
  8. I think we have quite a few stacked up, if you want, I can check about getting a few to ya, don't think we need em for anything, if you dont already have some.
  9. For Gods sake tmarsh, don't throw them away. I don't know exactly what I will do with them yet, but I would be interested in a couple. Might work in a landscaping arrangement I have been thinking about.

    Anyway, I'm a packrat and got it honest from my dad and his family. It has then been reinforced by 410 (reference his crawl space from previous thread). We have actually been stopped along the road and asked if we were going to the dump because the guy who stopped us had a couple of items he wanted to throw away too. Imagine his surprise when dad and 410 told him "No, this was the good stuff and in the process of bringing it home." That's no joke either guys.
  10. You never know when you will need something so Jim and I and now Scott we don't throw nothing away. marsh if you have a few extra cedar post I will come up and pickup a few.
  11. What's in the Cedar Tree that the deer like and why?

    OK I am not a deer hunter...yet. I may someday. Just never wanted to get shot while out in the field during deer hunting season.

    I read this post and it grabbed my attention. I got to thinking about other experiences and things that I have seen animals do. Some animals like to rub up against certain things that have certain smells.

    I got to wondering why? What does this scent do to the animals. Then I got to thinking like an animal.

    What happens to them when they spend all day and all night of their lives in the field? Insects came to my mind. What's the first thing you do when you return home from a hunting trip in the field or woods? Do you check for ticks? I do. That's probably the first thing I do after I get ready to take a shower. I want to remove any ticks that I picked up before they can bite me. I even comb though my hair looking for those tiny ticks(nymphs). And to prevent ticks from getting on me in the first place I rub deet all over my legs, arms and hair to keep the mosquitoes off.

    Now what can a wild animal do to prevent getting bit by a tick or mosquito? They sure don't have deet insect spray available to them. But then what is deet made out of? What do plants do to protect themselves from other plants invading their space? They emit or produce different chemicals that protect them and wards off other plants. These chemicals are given off to prevent other animals from eating those plants. Alkaloids are commonly used by plants as a form of protection.

    Now what's in a cedar tree? Why does cedar not get attacked by insects? Well I am willing to bet that the cedar trees have a chemical that wards off insects! That's what you smell when you cut into a cedar log. You are smelling the volatile chemicals that are being given off the cedar wood. Now if you are a deer and you want to avoid insects then it's only makes sense to me that you would rub up against these cedar trees to try to rub some of that cedar smell onto your fur. I can see the ticks and other insects jumping off the deer in mass.

    So now you know the rest of the story.

    Today many of the new insect sprays are being made from plant materials. Most modern medicines are derived from plants as well.
  12. Interesting thoughts, moose.
  13. Scott, Tuck,

    Trust me no designs on throwing them out. They are perfectly stacked with no intention on going anywhere but right where they are. I will check with my stepdad, see if he has any reason he couldnt part with 10-15 of em, and if all is well, I will let you guys know, and our project shall begin...
  14. 10-4 sounds like a plan