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Cell Phone Fun.

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Bocephus, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. I was cursed at in a foreign language today. At least I think he was cursing....yeah from the look on his face he was cursing. I went to one of the China Buffet's today. Me and my buddy just dont belong in a place like that because we cant help ourselves to have fun of these little people. After a plate of chicken and rice I asked the guy filling the buffet if he would be bringing out any "who flung poo" and without missing a beat my pal asks how the "cream of some youg guy" is prepared. The cook just look disgusted at us and went back to work. I sat back down to a plate of crab legs and overheard the lady next to us saying she had never ate in a china restaraunt because shes a cat lover and she had heard the serve them. Her son, im assuming assured her that this was all a bad rumor. I couldnt resist...when I went back up to the buffet for some of those sugar biscuits I turned my cell phone ringer on that cat tone...MEOWWWW!!!!! MEOWWWWW!!!! It was halarious....This lady grabber her purse and coat and left cursing the whole place. I was dying laughing. Well this didnt set well with the head china guy, he came up to us and said, and I quote..."NO MORE CAT CAT!!! YOU GO!!! YOU GO LEAVE!!! WE LOSE MONEY...YOU GO!!!!!!" along with this was was a vast number of china words that were probably bad. We stopped at the door to pay and the little china woman was mumbling some china words that im sure wasnt good. I asked her for a few of those cinnamon tooth picks and she just pointed to the door and said "YOU GO NOW"
    I felt kinda sorry for my buddy, he was laughing so hard on the way home he got sick. So, I guess if any of you guys wanna have some good cheap fun, play with that cat ring tone at your local china food place.
  2. That is TOO Funny!:lol: I can't wait to try it, Funny thing though most of the Chinese eateries around here have hispanic people working the food line!:hide:

  3. these were real china people, it was great
  4. thats what I call "all you can eat humor"
  5. Dudes? I am gonna risk it all here and say that post read, to me atleast, a little racist. Love the jokes and I am sure it is all intended harmless fun, but have we unintentionally crossed a sensitivity line somewhere? At the risk of getting in someone's sights here, I will still mention it.
  6. Sorry Charlie, It was not meant to be a racial slam, or put down! There is not a racist bone in my body (if you knew me you'd understand.) Likewise, however, there is not a politically correct bone in my body either. Just saw it as it was intended, a joke.