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Cell Phone Service

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Bronzeback, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Looking at new cell phone providers. Anyone have any input good/bad. Just looking around at the different services and coverage areas.. Have Centennial now. T Mobile has some good deals but don't want to lock into something that is worse than what I have.. Live in NE Ind and travel mostly around the In, Mi. and Oh areas get to Ky, Tn and Canada a few times a year.
    No better advice than from users themselves..
    Thanks :banghead3
  2. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I have Verizon, and never seem to have too many problems with it. I've used the service all over...Calif to Florida...use it in Canada too, but of course, if there are no cells (which is the case where we fish) no service.

    The whole family is on it. And, no charges if it's a verizon to verzon call. Free long distance.

  3. Verizon here as well. I had Centenial for years. I've not had a single problem with Verizon Wireless. I've used it while traveling. It is very rare that I get a call dropped or do not have a signal.

    Not saying they are the best, but it is serving me well.
  4. cingular or verizon support your local unions
  5. I have complaints in Indiana, but right at the MI border in the Sturgis/Edwardsburg/Niles area my calls get dropped frequently or I'm roaming.

    So if you go with verizon, depending on where you travel in MI, make sure your plan covers those areas. Roaming is not cheap! :banghead3
  6. Cingular Works For Me..


    I work a series of deer expos and boat, sport and travel shows with some of my hunting and fishing sponsors and Cingular works GREAT for me.. I travel Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio and I have had NO PROBLEMS with dropped calls...

    Bud Fields
  7. cell phone

    Verizon here. i also am on the family shared plan. Have had verizon since day -1
    because of their extensive coverage area nationwide. I did have to pickup roaming in Canada across from Niagra Falls. I assume they all services probably did.

  8. Verizon around us, Chad. You're signal is usually not as strong in our neck of the woods as you typically have with Centennial, but I hated paying huge amounts of money to Centennial for pretty shoddy service. I'm paying the same amount of money for Verizon's nationwide plan with double the minutes that I was with Centennial. Never a roaming charge within the U.S.