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Change of plans/gas prices

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by 410, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. WOW gas over $3.00 a gallon and my one truck getting 14 mpg and my other truck gets 9 mpg (ouch). Could trade or get a new truck thing is I got to have a truck that can pull trailers.
    So what changes in plans are you going to make now that the gas is so high? Well I will fish a lot closer to home. No vaction for us this year staying home and a lot less runing back and forth to town or out to eat. Hunting will be around my area no traveling far away. I will hate not to go and do what I love to do fishing :fish: :fish: and hunting,:bash: :banghead3 :bonk: but on the good side there is plenty of good fishing and hunting right here with in 10 miles. I still plan on fishing our site :fish: tour. against Dean,tree,rookie,angler,fin,james,quail, looking forward to this. Tell us if you have any changing for the summer, don't be afraid :hide: to tell us how you feel or what you do for a living. Thank you
  2. I am still planning to go out of state for deer hunting this fall. I have a great Squirrel woods that is around 60 miles north of my home inwhich I most likely go there only twice this Squirrel Season. The rest of my Squirrel will be in woods closer to home and on my property. As for MPG Cars & Trucks; I drove up to the shooting range yesterday (about 60 mile round-trip) and I averaged 32 MPG in my RAV-4 Toyota. I didn't use the air conditioner though, as it was cool enought without it.

  3. well i'm changing my habits alot. i am fortunate that i can hunt close to home. i live on a lake but the bluegill fishing stinks. lots ofem but not enough eaters. but i live within 20 miles of 2 1500 acre lakes. i too have cut down on going to town. i live about 5 miles out but a couple trips seems to take a qtr. tank. i don't go home as much. i'm from ky. so all my family lives there. i didn't turkey hunt ky. this yr. because of the expense of gas and tags together seemed rediculous. i try to save more so i'll have more money to hunt and the one thing i have learned to appreciate is taking good care of my equipment so i won't have to buy everytime i turn around. buy bow season i'll have bought all my broadheads and another dozen arrows and the little things that sock it to yea if you wait till right before season opens. then gas won't hit you so hard. i don't ride my 4 wheeler as much. i have friends who were going to michigan 4 wheeling this yr. and they've canceled. it seems rough to cut back but at least now we have the option of buying the gas. if there becomes a shortage and it becomes hard to get gas for whatever reason then it will really get rough. WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN SHORTAGE. :yikes: like ted says...."you can't do this in france"
  4. Scrapewatcher,

    What do you mean by not enough eaters? Any bluegill is an eater. I remember a few tough fishing winters when we were filleting 4"ers. Remember that 410? You could read a newspaper through the fillet. Just look at it as practice on honing your filleting skills.
  5. Scott your right there a couple of years ago we were out of fish and we ate gills that were only about 4 inches long and there were good. If you fish and need fish to eat try the little guys.
  6. I'm test driving an F-250 Super duty, This spike in gas prices has them becoming more and more affordable.
  7. Well no posts since 4-28-06 on if you have changed your mind on going a great distance on vacation or a fishing trip due to gas prices. Have you changed you mind on going or does it matter about gas prices?
  8. No plan changes. Still going out-of-state Deer hunting, and will be going Squirrel hunting, a few times, in one of my "Squirrel woods" 60 miles from my home.;)
  9. well i'm going to concentrate more on bow hunting close to home this fall. i'm not even going to worry about gun season much. i hope to hunt just about every day from the last week of october till gun season starts. i saw more bucks during that period last yr. than anytime in my life.
  10. I've applied for an Iowa archery license. I don't care if gas is $4 a gallon...o.k. I really do, but am going regardless. I also plan on hunting Kansas this season as well. Perhaps the week of Thanksgiving.....

    Peace out, homies!!!!:bonk:

    However, my arson business is taking a big I'm lookin' for alternative fuels for this part time opportunity. Do you think there is a market for such a thing? (Please don't answer this...people!!!!):dizzy: !!!
  11. Rowdy


    Treehugger said he remembers when gas was 19 cents a gallon and he could have send his 8 year old son inside to pay for it and a pack of Camels. lol...j/k tree
  12. When I first started driving gas was 5 gallons for a $1.00 and a pack of camels were 27 cents. To take your girl to the movies tickets 2 for $1.00 popcorn and pop $1.00 for both of you and the rest was PRICELESS.
  13. When I started driving, Gasoline (Premium "Leaded") was .39.9 cents per gallon. Drove a Covair Monza for a few years, and then bought a Pontiac Tempest (8 cylinders-fully loaded) $3,800 NEW!
  14. hate it

    had 2 can a fishin trip to the tip of the U.P.:mad: but on the good side. learnin more water closer 2 home