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Changes in America

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by Slowretrieve, Sep 16, 2005.

Are sportsmen better off now than they were in 2000?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  1. Are American sportsmen better off today than they were in 2000?
  2. Cost of living is higher, seems like I have fewer dollars for the extras in life, and have to work longer hours to achieve that. Equipment gets better, I think wildlife populations in general seem to be improving (some more than others), but it is harder to find the free time to get out and chase them. I also know a few guys who don't hunt anymore due to the higher cost of tags and the like.

    A side note, how much more $$ in gas will it take to shuttle my butt back and forth to where I do hunt???

  3. you think that the reason wildlife populations are improving is because we as a country have less time it seems? I know that people ofcourse are watching out more for what they kill than they did when it seemed that the wildlife pop. was endless, as the case of the passenger pigeon. But as you said with gas prices, and really just time in general, i bet it has somewhat helped the woods a bit. Now we just gotta make time to cull out a few :p
  4. This is kind of on the same subject. Yesterday I was driving to Fort Wayne and was on I69 above Marion. On the other side of the fence near a highway drainage ditch I saw a coyote with a goose in its mouth headed down into the ditch. Not that many years ago I do not recall seeing coyote in the Midwest. Now I see them all over the region. Not too many years ago those stinking geese were at the edge of extinction and now they're back. You think the two are related?
  5. I think wildlife populations are healthy. for a lot of hunters the biggest problem is finding a place to hunt. Leasing is more and more a fact of life in many areas. I hate to see it happen, not so much because I don't want to pay as much as I hate to see hunting more comercialized and out of the reach of more folks with less resources to draw upon. I like the time honored idea that the fish and wildlife of Indiana are a public resource to be shared.