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Charles Alsheimer book

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by QuailDancer, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Recently Charles Alsheimer presented a slide show in Warsaw covering his newest book Whitetail – Behavior Through The Seasons.

    I just recently purchased the book through Amazon (13.00 cheaper than Charles was selling them on the back table) and give it two giant thumbs up!!

    The text is informational and inspirational, even die-hard whitetail freaks should be able to glean new information in his words. The photography….what can I say, but that each and every photo in the book will keep you drooling until we all hit the stands in October!

    Dean, thanks for sharing the information on Charles Alsheimer’s visit to Warsaw, it was a memorable presentation.
  2. Thanks for the info quail...if you are finished with it put it in the mail to me!!! :bonk:

  3. Yeah, it was great, Thanks for blowing me off!!!!!
  4. Hey Dean the book I got from Charles (Hunting Whitetail My The Moon) is a great book.
  5. I went because I bought his book "QDM, the basics and beyond" earlier in the winter. Thought it would be a rehash of everything those outdoor writers yap about, but I actually learned some things new. It was refreshing to see it applied to me size of hunting ground and my climate. Charles has it down!
  6. When I went to hear Charles J. Alsheimer speak at Warsaw I bought a book: Hunting Whitetails by the Moon. If you ever want to read the moon affects deer this is the book. While in your off season pick up one, your me glad you did.