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Charlie Alsheimer Seminar in Warsaw on Thursday Evening!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Dean Weimer, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. I just wanted to point out to our Northern IN. (leave it alone Bocephus) deer hunters that Charlie Alsheimer (Deer and Deer Hunting, etc.) will be putting on his excellent seminar in Warsaw tomorrow night at 6:00 O'Clock. It will be at a local church, and the cost is $10.00 and includes a meal. Just thought I'd bump the northern guys because many of you are from this area and might want to join in the fun. It'd be a good way for some of us to meet one another. I went to one of Charlie's seminars this past summer in Indy, and it is well worth the cover charge. Very informative!!!

    I'll try to get more details such as location, etc. I was told yesterday that there were plenty of spaces left, so that shouldn't be a concern. And, of course, our Southern brethren are indeed welcome to join too. No, Bocephus, the dinner is not an all-you-can-eat...... I already inquired about that.:hide:
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  2. Alsheimer??? Is that what the elderly get???

  3. Different one...

    No, Randy, that's "Ol' Timers Disease" you're thinking of.
  4. Thanks for clarification...I think...I forgot, what were we talking about...this is the e-bay website isn't it???
  5. Wha???

    Precisely my friend!!!!! Wait...who am I responding to?????
  6. Sounds like a fun time to me. The talk on deer hunting that is, not the old timers thing.
  7. You in??

    You in Quail????? This is not a skiing seminar.......:mad:
  8. Hey Dean do you know where at in Warsaw?
  9. Count me in, sounds like it'll be interesting.
  10. Location

    The seminar is at the Fellowship Baptist Church, 1838 E. Kosciusko Rd., Warsaw.

    It's right across the road from K-Mart on Old 30. See y'all there!!!!!!
  11. Deano

    Is this going to be a management talk or a hunting techniques talk? Just curious?
  12. I hope the church doesn't get hit by lightning!!!!! :evil:
  13. Alsheimer

    Mainly management, biology, etc. There is some rut info. and in general it is just a great presentation. It's geared towards QDMA quite a bit. Charlie is a world renowned photographer, and his work will be on full display. Some of it is very awesome. He's been all over the continent...You'll like this traditional.
  14. Bought my ticket 2 weeks ago...........I'll see you all there. :coolgleam Warsaw is my home town.
  15. Wow, I live in Warsaw, But We're heading NOrth to ICE Fish, I would like to meet some of you, oh well maybe next time:sad: