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Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by catdaddy75, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. has anyone had any luck with these?bass pro had them on sale so i thought i would try em out.
  2. I did okay with the chatterbait this past summer. They're decent, but I don't think that they produce as well as they are hyped to, and, I didn't hang any pigs on it.

  3. I have heard that they work, thats what the guy who won the 2005 bassmaster classic caught and 11 pounder on. I would like to get one though.
  4. Chatter does Matter

    Where to start...

    Side note: At one point this spring, after several pro tourneys had been won with this bait, one of these baits sold for as much as $90 but mainly around $24. :yikes:

    By far my favorite bait. (been bass fishing for 33 years now) This year I have caught 1, 8.10 lb. bass, 3 total bass over 8lbs, several 7's lots of 5 & 6's and everything below. I have caught 2 huge trophy crappie (while bass fishing), an 18 pound flathead, (tail hooked a 25+ pound carp too. 25 minute fight, thought I had world record) all in and around Indianapolis this season and all with the chatter or boogie bait.

    Like all baits, it has it's time and place and isn't a miracle bait.

    It has an action that you nor the fish have ever seen (or felt). It's action is a cross between a spinnerbait and a crankbait. It gives off a loud chattering noise as it is retrieved. It can be cast a mile.

    They are best used when the water is off-color to heavy stain and the fish are acting aggressive or territorial. It is a great bait for working water quickly. Try varying your retrieve. Sometimes a slow pumping action, steady or burning it. Works perfect for submerged weed or pocketed grass beds. Running it in the forks of fallen timber is deadly as well.

    It has no action on the fall unless you keep a taught line and then it flutters. Hangs easily in rip rap/rocks and small branches. Not best for clear water and or moody bass. Big bass can easily throw it when they get airbourne as it is "front heavy".

    For a totaly different look and variation, try removing the skirt and adding a plastic "jerk shad" by itself. This increases the erratic action and looks like a big shad or bait fish escaping wounded. "Match the hatch" on color. Bluegill, shad, crappie, etc. Also make sure you thread it on straight.

    Booyah improved on the chatterbait design (imo) and came out with Boogie Baits. They added a flexible hook system that stopped the "thrown bait/lost fish" problem. It's not as loud as a chatter, vibrates at a lower frequency but displaces more water for a larger bait profile. It cost's a dollar less than a chatterbait ($5.99) and comes with 2 trailers.

    Like I said, it's not a magic bait. Stick with it, build your confidence and I promise it will produce big fish for you. Use catch and release and get a photo. Let us know how you do.

    PS Check this out:
    They have added several different versions in a kit including a Mini Chatter which should be good for smallies, etc.


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  5. Great post, Riff-Raff, and I agree, I like the Booyah version much better than the original with the flexible hook design.
  6. Thanks James! I think you gave up on it too fast. Try it again this spring during the dirty water run-off and prespawn. Try the white and chartruese and ALWAYS lean toward the gold blade. Oh, and this is a GREAT bait for the late night bite during the dog days of summer.

    As you can tell, I believe in these style of baits in certain situations. It's a big bass bait that I trust.

    I have 2 after thoughts.

    1. I truly think that bass are trying to kill this bait vs. simply inhaling it. I have had some bone jarring strikes on this bait. I have also had bass leave the water to hit it and lots of strikes from the side.

    2. This bait is very aggressive. I think that this style of bait leaves a high imprint. What I mean is that it leaves a memory imprint more so than say a plastic worm which would leave a low memory imprint. The bass "remember" the "non-positive" experience of being caught or almost caught, longer. In big lakes, with larger populations of fish, this is less relevant than say a gravel pit or farm pond.

    PS Tons of respect for Educators. Hats off to you sir.
    PSS You should start an "outdoors club"/ fishing clinic in school.

    Good Fishing!

  7. Oh, trust me, Riff-Raff, I didn't give up on it....just got it too late in the season to fish it much. I've got a few of the white/chartreuse that will see much time in the spring!
  8. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Help me out here. Is this a top water bait? Sounds like a good Pike lure.
  9. wicked on pike, muskies and strippers

    No it's not a top water but can be retrieved at any depth including on top like you would a spinner bait.

    And yes it's wicked on pike, muskies and strippers. I sent some 3/8 red & white with my buddy when he went to his annual Canada trip. He said that he caught some nice pike.

    Chatter Bait came out with a chatter bait Big Fish series.

    Also check out the "in action" video near the bottom left of that page.