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chipmonk control

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by QuailDancer, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. Think I finally came to terms with my inner demons on where I stand on the whole bow vs. crossbow thing. I am still struggling however if I can adopt pea-shooters for chipmonk control around the house, or am I doomed the the traditional bb/pellet gun approach.:bash:
  2. I tried out the new side by side 12 loaded with 71/2 's -seemed to do the job :biggrin:

  3. Yikes! Was there anything left of 'em?
  4. We're the Chipmunks!!!!!!

    Get in touch with your inner hunter Quail, and master the pea shooter. You must use the Schwartz!!!!!! And if you can't deal with that then try Goggle's approach. More expensive, but the results speak for themselves.

    Just so you know, you spelled Chipmunk wrong...very surprised that the English Teacher didn't catch that. What would Alvin, Simon, and Theodore think?????

    The edit marks you'll see below this sentence were put there by space aliens. The same ones who have planted all of the HRBP, P&Y, and B&C scoring bucks in Indiana since 2002...heh, heh,heh,heh!!!!!!!!!!!
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  5. Dean

    Dean, so what about Theodore? ;)
  6. Offended by likrou!!!!

    Why how dare you claim that a Writer would mispell a word. Go back and look Sonny Jim!!!!:chicken:
  7. Dean, please accept my apology

    All I have to say is thank God for an edit function!

    Ahem, I mean, I am humbly sorry for stepping out of line...:yikes: Although, I can see the erasible crayon marks on the text!:rolleyes:
  8. Offended once more!!!

    Edit function. What the *&^% is that, man!?!?:cheeky-sm

    By the way, I've eaten all of my crayons...I thank you!!!! And the elmers glue. Great source of................. a stomach ache!!!!!!!:help:
  9. You are not denying the crayon marks man, that is all I am saying!

    :bowdown: I am sorry, you are da man!
  10. Aliens everywhere!!!!!!

    Go back and re-read the thread Mister. There is something out of this world going on with some of my threads!!!!:bonk:
  11. Don't think the English teacher didn't catch it...I just decided not to point it out, knowing that I am not infallible, and might make a mistake in the correction post, i.e. "Theadore."
  12. Sorry Dean.
    I used the spell check on my pc, darn thing fizzled for a week after.
  13. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Actually, Quail is correct in his spelling.

    In college there was one priest who was in charge of making sure the ice never ran out for the other padres. You know, they were quite the Scotch drinkers. They had big chunks of ice in the freezer that had to be shaved off occasionally.

    He was known as the Chip Monk.
  14. I ment chip Monks. The wee critters around my house seem to be meticulous (overly so in my view) about keeping every detail in order and thier nuts spotless. Nothing worse than a rodent with OCD.

    Dean, I am so sorry to have upset you this way. If you intend to start correcting spelling on here, you will be one busy little man indeed and I for one will feel slightly guilty for causing you so much extra effort.:gaga: