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chipmunk problem

Discussion in 'Indiana Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by DBurris, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. 12 guage and regular traps are not an option how do i get rid of these furry little pests wthout catching my wifes little mexican dog ? any help:banghead3
  2. A small Have-A-Heart live trap and some corn. You'll catch them faster than you can set the traps.

    If you are like me, you finish them off with a BB to the head. Not really "fair chase", but I don't care.:evil:

  3. 1000 fps , .17 pellet gun works for me :bloos:
  4. Exactly!
  5. I can't believe the wife's little mexican dog isn't more helpful. Ours would be all over them.
  7. Good luck with those little bastards.
  8. set a five gallon bucket out with about 2 gallons of water in it. place the bucket against something so they can get in it. they get curious and look in the bucket then fall in and drown cause they can't get out. seen my dad do this in the past. i prefer using the BB gun though.
  9. I put some bird seed on a fresbee, over the fresbee, prop a large bucket on a stick, tie a long string to the stick and hide behind a bush (camo that mimics aluminum siding may work best here if you sit against the house). Once the little buggers come for the bird seed, yank the string, the stick pops out and you've just live trapped your problem.

    This technique worked well for me in the past. I'd place the little rodents in an empty aquarium in the house. Where I went wrong is not putting a solid cover on the aquarium. If you choose to gamble that they will escape, make sure you're parents are not having a bible study at the house that night, or you will get in serious trouble later that evening. :bonk:
  10. Make little explosives that look like chipmonks and throw em down in their holes.

  11. dereks handy with paint, he could help make the explosive decoys

    how about B-struction for a name?? :bonk:
  12. Would that be a "Caged Hunt"?????????/ LOL. Get a cat and feed it meagerly........ It'll eat every one of 'em. Then if you don't like cats........
  13. Good suggestion, Carl...
  14. "Hello Mr.'s me...Mr. Rabbit...don't mind these wires....Dr.'s orders...I'm not a plastic exposiver or anything."
  15. When kids we use to put the hose in there hole and turn it on,while waiting with a shovel.Anymore i just trap them or shoot them.Im a little older and slower these days.
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