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Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Reb, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Seeking words of wisdom from anyone who knows. 14 year old daughter brought home a beagle pup and a baby goat from Strawtown Auction three weeks ago "Thanks Grandpa". Pup did not act well from the time she got it home on thursday night, by Friday night it was shooting fluids from both ends, so weak it just hung it's head down on the ground while it vomitted, would not eat or drink and had absolutely no energy at all. The pup could barely stand and stumbled when it tried to walk. The symptoms were indicative of "parvo virus".
    This continued into Saturday and I decided to try chlorophyll on her. I knew that otc stomach remedies were sometimes suggested for sick dogs but I am not a big medication freak. I had chlorophyll in my refidgerator for myself and use it for stomach pains/ulcers (it works miracles). I started forcing 4mls of chlorophyll into the pup four times a day. On Monday my wife got her to a vet (not ours, he was on vacation). The vet concurred that the symptoms were parvo virus like and stated that he would treat her when she had bloody stool. The vet offered no medication and stated that testing is frivilous at this stage because they often get false readings in the early stages of parvo.
    Monday afternoon/evening the pup started showing signs of improvement by eating and drinking on her own. Tuesday my wife took the dog to a second vet and received the same advise as she had from the first vet. The pup was doing much better on Tuesday and my wife told the vet that I had been pushing chlorophyll into her. The vet had not heard of that remedy but did not discourage it.
    On Tuesday evening the pup seemed to be both eating and drinking normal, had solid bowel movements and was not vomitting.
    I do not know if the pup recovered because of the chlorophyll or if the pup even had parvo for that matter but I am fairly confident that if we would not have done something, we would not have had my daughters beagle. Our newest addition is a romping, chewing, running, playing, fat bellied pup now with more energy than she knows what to do with.
    Chlorophyll has been a staple for me for some time. Get rid of the Pepto and other otc remedies and try it. My boys use it now and normally the relief is immediate. I know that often dogs will eat or chew grass when they are ill and thought it was an aid for them to discard stomach content. I wonder now if it is for the benifit of the chlorophyll in the grass and they seek the relief that it provides?
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    Glad everything worked out well...never heard of that treatment, but will keep it in all you need is some rabbits for the dog to chase.


  3. Never heard of such a thing before, but it sounds like it worked out pretty well.