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Choke me.........

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I have a berretta extreama.Here's the ? Factory full or aftermarket?Does anybody use a berretta with an aftermarket?:cool:
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I do not own a beretta. BUT...Benelli and Beretta use the same chokes and such for their guns. My brother has a Benelli SBE and we tested his gun last year with the factory full choke and it was too weak of a pattern i thought. I would definately go aftermarket but hey...shoot it and find out. I shoot my gun every year especially when i get new shells or in my case this year i am using my 870 supermag intead of Ithica 37. I shoot at 10 yds. and then at 35-40. Shooting is really the only way to tell how YOUR gun will shoot.
I bought a berreta EXTRA full choke and it's unreal at 20yrds,I was hoping to get out a little better.What did your bro end up with?
Beware, extrema uses the optima chokes. These are not the same as benneli. I have had a very difficult time locating aftermarkets specific to the extrema. Most packages will say berreta, but it is not the optima match. If you dont't believe me I've got an undertaker choke I will sell you.
No thanks,lol,Have you tried to return it?I returned one to gander after I shot it!!Nothing wrong with it just wasn't for me is what I told them!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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