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Choke tubes, shells and calls, etc....

Discussion in 'Indiana Turkey Hunting' started by Indianahunter, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, what type of turkey choke tubes do you use?

    What type of shell do you shoot?

    What type or style call do you use?

    Do you use locator calls?
  2. Choke Tube = Primos Jelly-Head or a Kicks Gobblin' Thunder (pending on which gun i use)

    Shells = 12ga. 3.5in. #4/#5 Remington Nitro or Nitro Company - 521's

    Fav. Call = Diaphram; A-Frame - Batwing

    Locators = I and can Crow Caw and Owl Hoot

  3. I hunt with a Mossberg 500 and I use their factory choke xx-full turkey choke. I have found my gun patterns better with Federals 3in 2oz load 5 shot. Im talking 50 BB's in the head and neck area at 50 yards. But I wont take that far of a shot. For me the closer the better. My Mossberg shoots a very tight pattern...
  4. I've had a Hastings XX and the Undertaker choke tubes, both had good patterns.
    I use Remington Premere, 3" #5's.
    A variety of mouth calls (Knight & Hale, Primos, Turkey Taker, Lohman) and I use them to locate, and a Turkey Taker slate call.
    I use a woodpecker call for locating sometimes too.
  5. Primos Jelly Head in my Benelli Nova
    Mad Hevi shot in my SX-2
    Federal Hevi-Shot 3 1/2 #5 or 6
    Yes, a gobbler tube...
  6. Rhino choke tube in my 870 Super Mag

    Winchester Supreme 3.5" #5 shot

    Mouth Diaphragms ... H.S. Alumistrut or Primos Piggy Back
    Slate Call ... Cody II slate (I have a bunch of others, but seldom use them)

    Locater ... typically some hen yelps on a mouth call. Sometimes a Primos crow call. Sometimes a short reed goose call.
  7. Browning 10 Ga., Federal 3.5" #5 Shot, Box Call And Owl Locator, Hen & Jake Decoy Cant Wait!!!!!!!
  9. 835 mossburg 12 ga. hastings .680 choke tube. #5 winchester extended range 5 shot.
  10. mossberg 835/factory extra full turkey tube
    federal 5's
    owl tube locator
    favorite call is an old no name slate call I bought when I started 20 yrs ago. Of course, like everyone, I have a vest stuffed with the latest and greatest.
  11. FireLt72

    FireLt72 Staff Member Mod

    Benelli Nova 12g w/Undertaker choke
    Shell-Remington 4X6 3" Premier Duplex (Switch to the Federal Flight controls in 3.5 mags)
    Mouth call is my fav. Turkey Tamer and his slate is very good too.
    I also love my Palmer Hoot Tube, great sounding.
    I'm drooling thinking about it.....:)
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  12. Well as for a choke tube,don't have one,shells 27 inch easton axis with 100 hundred grain muzzy,as for my bow it is a mathews out back 28 inch at 70 pounds,call my slate call (the freak),my mouth call's m.a.d.d.highball and shipwreck 2.